Shooting without target lock

Smartbombs only take 1 tick to activate. Instawarp takes 2 ticks.

well, I’m not sure how the clients and server interact which is why I asked.

I’m thinking when in gate cloak, the ceptor is invulnerable. If the SB ship is sitting there waiting for you to decloak and go into warp. When you do that, you actually initiate the first tick, server checks your stats, the SB ship then see’s you and initiates bombs, server checks that which would be 2nd tick. By then the sub 2s ceptor should be in warp.

Maybe I’m missing something.

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Ticks happen at set intervals on the server. Actions enter a queue, based on the order they are received by the server, and are processed in order. As the SBs are reactionary, they’ll happen second.

The ship decloaks and aligns “during” tick 1. As soon as your ship is aligned, say in 1.99 seconds, the warp is queued.

From my perspective, I see you decloak, and activate my SBs, which will require 1 tick. It depends entirely on when I activate my SBs, relative to those server ticks.

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Thanks for the link.

What I see in that is a server tick runs exactly once per second and anything that takes over 1 second is rounded up to the next second.

So if you can activate the SB’s in under 1 second after seeing the ceptor decloak, then the ceptor will get hit. Of course that also depends if the ceptor is within SB range.

sorry demichael, the ceptor isnt invul to smartbombs even when cloaked from a jump.

ive been on that receiving end of smartbomb gate camps both ways, and both times was instant waking up in station.

jump through a gate with that camp and youll probably never see anything load until it shows your corpse and you in station. warping to the gate, youll never make it out of warp to see anything but your corpse animation

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Jesus wept, check the killmail.

I feel like I have been told to cough after the proctologist’s exam


Actually everything is invulnerable under the effects of a gate cloak, once you initiate warps you lose that cloak and can die as per usual, but while you’re sitting still cloaked after jumping you are invulnerable


yeah no it isnt, because ive jumped into those systems camped like that and never saw the other side unless thats something new

Confirming this.

When one jumps into a new system they spawn under cloak, are invulnerable, and cannot be bumped until they move, perform an action, or 1 minute passes… whichever comes first.

Regarding smartbombs; it sounds like the OP warped to a gate directly and was killed by smartbombers sitting in front of the stargate.
Ships coming out of warp are vulnerable when deccelerating. They can’t be target locked until fully out of warp, but they are affected by AoE effects.

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Game play aside, it would be really cool to be able to fire guns forward in dummy mode of sorts.

While the mechanic exists for bombs, it’s presumable that calculating hits on targets in this manner - the load on the server if say you have a large number of ships attempting to strafe a target, could be a bit rough. I suppose a mathematical ray that projects forth from the direction a ship is actually pointing intersecting with a target would indicate a hit or at least a chance to hit. Now you have to calculate the speed of the target and the rate of fire of the guns point of impact intersecting it’s path.
In space, it’s actually possible to go between the projectiles. Look at any ballistics chart for RL projectiles and it does take time to get to a given point. So now we have to see:

  • When the gun started firing
  • How many projectiles are on that given path.
  • If the ship firing the turret is aligning or attempting to align, the projectiles are not in a straight line. The point of impact is changing. I once worked on those military systems that moved HUD recticles per the movement of the aircraft to give the pilot an idea where the bullets were going. Even with that a hit was very difficult and actual dogfights with fighter jets are rare.
  • Is a projectile actually at the location of the target as the path when that path or ray of projectiles intersects with the target?
  • We can solve this problem with lasers. Lasers make for better intersection. The problem would be worse with a dummy-fired missile or rocket.

Suffice to say, while it would be cool, and while I’m all for it, I don’t see it being possible given the math. The math is possible. But it’s going to take processing power that might not be available. I think it would be very good for situations regarding structures and/or large ships. Good visuals too. Maybe in the end we need something less than bombs but more than projectiles and missiles, like a go between projectile that can be fired without a lock and goes only so far and explodes, like anti-aircraft guns for example.

We may be asking the developers for something that the system can’t deliver.

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The main problem I see happening with this is ‘Friendly Fire’.

no the problem i see with is is a blob forming a wall infront of a gate daring anything to jump in

also this guy is asking for a crap ton of computations when eve cant handle 8 guns on a ship going to a locked target without tidi as is.

id give it a month before someone like goonswarm would show up at a fight and fill the whole area with dreadnought fire blapping ships in 1 massive wave

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Yeah I agree, it could be easily exploited.

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