Non-locking Attacks

When you’re firing at an enemy, with projectiles or lasers, and your (temporary) ally/friend move into the firing line, where the projection from you to your target would go through your friend, is it possible to result in a friendly fire?

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No. Eve’s physics don’t work that way. Weapons aren’t affected by objects or other ships in the line of sight and can’t damage anything that they are not locking.

The only exception where ‘friendly fire’ is possible is with area-of-effect weapons like bombs and smartbombs. These are either prohibited or restricted in highsec so you do not see them there very often.


No, the game physics don’t work like that but they should.

Such physics would be abused by High Sec Gankers purposely passing in front of your line of sight to draw Concord Aggro on you and to then get a free Kill Right.

Hehe, you can even shoot through asteroids :slight_smile:
I think the hits and losses are more kind of a complicated game of dice. The shots themselves are just for show.

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