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Hello there!
Again and again when I want to buy items it happens that I forget things and then have to fly to Jita a second or third time, which is not always fun with 26 jumps to my home.
That’s why I had the idea of a shopping list in which you can save all the items you want to buy, so that you only need a few clicks to buy everything you want to buy. That way you wouldn’t forget anything and you wouldn’t have to fly to jita four or five times because you forgot something.
I’m sure it’s a welcome quality of life feature.
Access lists could also be integrated if you want to shop with an alt, or if you ask someone else to bring things.

Greez Arathial! :smiley:


spreadsheets online is a nickname for a reason… just use an excel sheet.

Until that works, you could make a fitting with a hauler that has all the stuff inside it.
Then click “buy fitting” and remove the actual hauler from the list.
Or you can make an actual shopping list in the Notepad.


technically you’re right, but you’re missing two important points.

  1. While it’s hard to believe, there are many people who don’t know how things like Excel work.
  2. There are people who don’t always want to use external tools. I, for example, would prefer an ingame solution.

in game solution right there.

Just use WTB item exchange contracts

As I already indicated, a dedicated solution would be nice. ^^

This is already achievable using the regional market window.

Create a folder > name it shopping list > add items you need to buy > right click the item you added > choose for “add additional text” > type in the number you need for that item.

When you are at a trade hub to buy the stuff you need, right click the folder and choose for “Buy All”.

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Multi-buy window, copy to clipboard.

Paste to notepad.

Then just copy from the notepad later.

DUDE!!! I’ve been playing this game for years and never tried that… this solves this issue and is a great tip. thanks

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