Short movie EDEN released

In case you missed it…

The short movie EDEN has finally been released!

Enjoy the award winning short film EDEN and my score (soundtrack) here.

A scavenger discovers a valuable artifact deep within an abandoned facility on a desolate planet. Hoping for a big payout, he ventures inside, only to find something much more sinister.

Director/Producer/Writer/VFX/Editor/Art Director: Kristian Bakstad
Producer/Makeup & Hair Designer: Naomi Bakstad
Director of Photography: Peter Wilke
Production Designer: Margot Ready
Sound Designer: Peter Mulholland
Music: Kenneth Ansbjerg (aka AlienHand)


I was gonna watch this, but then I noticed it was produced by a couple of real bakstadders.

I watched it… I don’t get it.

Is it, like, art or something?

I like it. A bit odd, but I like it. Quite Swedish-filmesque.

AlienHand - Have you done eve music before?
Is this your work?:

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