Show Appropriate booster module symbol please

Both the Ancillary Shield booster capacitor booster modules require Cap Boosters.
What is displayed for both however, is the symbol for the loaded charge: a capacitor booster charge.

While this is consistent with how weapons and ammo are shown, weapons are all similar in function, whereas ancillary shield boosters and capacitor boosters have totally different functions.

If you fit a ship with both you can’t tell the difference between them on your display because both use the charge symbol instead of the module symbol. If you need to boost one, you can’t tell which one is which.

I seems more appropriate to show the “Shield Booster”, or “Capacitor symbol” symbol on your ship HUD so you can select the actual one you want without having to hover over it to see which is which.


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Hover over them to see which is which, then just remember which is which.

That’s the point. You shouldn’t have to take the extra time to hover over one to see what it is; especially during pvp. I know I’m not the only one out there that thinks these completely different modules with completely different functions should have the exact same appearance.

Yeah, do the hovering before the pvp, then just remember which is which.

Says the guy with no pvp record at all.
lol. nice troll.

That old chessnut.

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