Showing Jita sell orders when in NullSec


I’m at least 40 jumps away from Jita and when I look at the Market I can’t see any sell orders for Jita. I’ve been told about Couriers but how can I create a Contract for a Courier if I can’t even see what I need them to pick up from Jita?? Confused newbie…

You will only ever be able to see Market Buy/Sell orders in your current Region. If you want to see Jita Buy/Sell Orders you will have to be in that Region (The Forge). What most of us, veteran and similar players, do is having or going there with an alt character and then use that to buy and either transport or make courier contracts and once it’s been delivered, all you have to do is contract it to your main and there you go.


+1 for EVEMarketer.

Due to the regional restrictions @ISD_Sakimura mentions, a third-party tool will be the only way for you to see these outside of the region.

Just as an addendum to whats already been said, you can only create a courier contract for items that are already purchased and in the station. Therefore, short of handing a shopping list to a friend and have him buy and move the stuff down for you, you need to go to jita to buy stuff before you can set up the contract.

You can create contract by selecting an item in your inventory, right click on it and press create contract. If you want a hauling contract press courier contract.

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