[SI AC] A new NEW player corp looking to recruit!

If you’re looking for a fun casual community look no further! Choose SI Academy as your new home! We are a new player friendly, pvp focused, gaming community.

We are looking for new players who want to join us in learning how to fight and survive in Null Sec. We are the recruitment and training corp for Social Infrastructure, which is part of a larger Alliance (VAPOR) and an even larger coalition (The Cartel). So we have plenty of support and experience to help get you to where you want to be!

More than just your average Alliance we are a group of players who like to have fun together, build community in and out of Eve Online. EVE is our main focus but we also like to play other games together, so if you’re interested in making some new friends and learning how to survive and THRIVE in Null Sec, consider joining our Discord and applying with us today!

What we offer -

  • Hands on Training - We have experienced players who love nothing more than to lecture you endlessly on how to play the game. But in all seriousness, we offer classes, guides, and skill plans to help you get prepared for Null Sec and playing EVE Online as a whole. Plus we have a plethora of old heads who have been playing this game for years who are ready and willing to share what they’ve learned with you!
  • FREE SHIPS - Getting started can be rough. Once you reach our High Sec base, we’ll hand you 3 ships to get you started. Also,we’re not going to just throw you out into Null without a way to make ISK. Once you’re ready to join us in Null Sec we will provide you with a ship to get you started ratting.
  • Ship Replacement - Ships are just ammo! Sometimes you’ll lose one in a fight. We have programs that will help you get them replaced, and fast. Including ship replacement funds, and an active and thriving marketplace with fully fit ships on contract to help you get back in the fight fast!
  • Moon Mining - Not into ratting? Or just want to boost your income another way. We have plenty of moons you can mine for that fat paycheck.
  • Fun and Exciting Content - Our skill plans are designed to get you into the big fleet fights pretty early on. We also offer fun casual fleet content including small roams, skirmishes, and faction warfare fun.
  • A Friendly and Active community - We can be a little loud, and a little rowdy. But that’s part of our charm. We recognize that this is a game, and we’re all adults so real life comes first. We have people from all walks of life who have come together over this game we all love, and we want to show you how you can love it too.

What we require -

  • No Skill Point Requirements - We will help you skill up and get ready. We’ll provide a place for you to hang out and make Isk while you’re learning and skilling into ships for pvp.
  • Voice Comms - We do require that you either have or download discord and mumble. You’re not just a number in a fleet to us, we want to get to know you and hang out with you. The best way to learn and get involved is to chat with us!
  • An Interest in PVP - Null Sec requires you to fight to stay alive. If we can’t protect our space then we have no space. Plus blowing up ships is fun!

And that’s it! If you’re interested in joining, or just wanna chat and see if we vibe join our discord and say hi! Social Infrastructure Or if that’s too much commitment for you for now, feel free to reach out to either Meladrama or Tytus Kyle in game via chat or in game mail.


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