Siege Module - God roll


Location Jita,
price 3 billion or good offer

the damage near top and all green other than the grid

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Tank is slightly bricked (the 2nd bar is a lie, don’t let yourself be deceived), it’s decayed, DPS bonus is nice but sure as ■■■■ not worth a 2.9b price hike, PWG is slightly bricked which might make it unusable on some ships

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the gravid on market for 1.4 billion and the unstable dont even exist

it meant for a capital the grid dont matter really.

go troll elsewhere fool

Thats not a god roll… not even in the slightest… its maybe like a 1.5b mod… at most…

i made a price and told people they can make a offer, im up to negotiating

Decayed costs basically nothing, gravid/unstable are in very short supply but do exist on a long timescale, and only people with dreads that are somehow unique will pay billions for a siege

Nobody will pay 3b for a meh-tier decayed siege, go try to exploit rich people another way cuz this way ain’t gonna work. I feel extremely sorry for any fool who offers more than a few hundred million ISK for this, and even that’s being generous

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you forgot the mod value of 250m to roll it lol

Siege Module Jita Sell Value: 137M
Decayed Siege Module Mutaplasmid Jita Sell Value: 6M

145M, not 250M, you’re off by nearly double

Most importantly, your roll is nothing spectacular. You lose 1% EHP/s, gain 0.6% DPS on turret dreads, and lose about 14K PWG. Simply not worth 3b, unless you’re at the level of maximum tier abyssal damage mods and wanna sacrifice tank for more DPS, which is where pretty much nothing is, and dreads who are there are probably focused on tank more

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added to contract for 750m gl all

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