Sig auto scanner idea

I have lived in every area of space in Eve. The one thing I would like to see in Eve is a sig auto scanner. Stay with me… This is not for combat. What I am talking about is a deployable device, or even a high slot device, that auto scans all the sig in a system but… it takes like 5-10 mins. Just enough time to go afk and make a sandwich and grab a beer. Combat scanning and all that would not be affected. This is just a nice tool for explorers and jspace residents to use instead of having to scan every sig they find in every new hole. I mean we have star gates but the tech for scanning sigs is like 1970s submarine level tech. It does not fit the theme of the game at all. Cheers.

If this could even be a thing, it should:

  • Involve risk
  • Be much slower than the lowest skill/item/ship scanning to keep incentives for active scanning.
  • Be expensive in fuel consumption. You trade time for ISK.

If this were at all worth implementing, I would suggest a mechanic like this:

  • A module like the Entosis Link, requiring fuel, having a long cycle time and having the exact same restrictions. Instead of using normal fuel, it uses any type of core probes as fuel.
  • A deployable structure (with a hauler/transport cargo size volume) scans the system while also fueled with any product of null/wormhole ice/gas product and targeted by the module mentioned above (ship within say 5000m range).
  • Only certain shiptypes can target the structure with the module. I imagine allowing CovOps, T3C and Combat recon ships (to give them an additional purpose, like the Force recons).
  • The structure has a lifetime of 1 days if not fueled and has a fuel bay for 1 week. Anchoring takes 20 minutes. It cannot be within some thousands of KM of any other player or NPC structure.
  • Scanning happens after a spoolup time of 20 minutes and only scans signatures that are scannable with the sensor strength of the probes in player’s module. It can’t auto-repeat.
  • I estimate the fuel cost of the structure should be close to 250million per week (slightly over half the fuel cost of a large control tower), making this something that is used and shared by corporations or otherwise very active players.
  • The structure would have permissions too.
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