Silens Oculum - Seeking new members! Skilled and Newbro alike!

Start your next chapter with us!

o7 Greetings,

I am Nani-Ka-Lani, the CEO of II Silens Oculum II and I am inviting you to start a new chapter in your journey with us!

If you are just in the beginning of your journey you may not know much about corporations at this time. However, joining a player corporation is one of the best things you can do in order to learn to play the game. Not only are the corporations able to help you out with your questions there are a lot of different services and benefits the corporations can offer to you. And what’s most important, you will be able to make some new friends.

So, what does the II Silens Oculum II offer and do?

There are thousands of corporations in EVE, each doing their own thing. Some of them succeed while some simply decay over time due to the lack of activity or progression. How we operate as a corporation differs from the majority of the corporation and allows you to advance forward in your own journey regardless of what your focus is. The primary focus of our corporation is to find new players and help them become part of our family.

The services we offer are:

■ Access to an extensive blueprint library
■ Buyback system
■ Citadels
■ 5% corporation tax
■ Ability to be an individual member of a community rather than just another number in the member count meter.
■ A tight and a solid group of players to play the game with

What do we require?

⋆ Ability to understand and type English
⋆ Friendly attitude

Interested in joining us?

If this all sounds good to you it is time for you to contact our recruiters! You can simply open a conversation with me or reply to this mail and we will help you get in to our corporation.

Each time a player is interested in joining us we will have a one on one talk with them to make sure they understand what we are doing and how they get started with us. This allows us to pay attention to every single application as much as they deserve!

Together we can cherish and preserve The New Eden the way it deserves to be treated.

Fly Dangerous,

II Silens Oculum II
Discord: II Nani-ka-Lani II#1917

Vren Aideron
II Silens Oculum II
Recruitment Officer
Discord: Vren #8700

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