Silent Armada - Nullsec PvP/PvE content and more!

Silent Armada
Silentium Est Aureum

Who are we?
Silent Armada is a nullsec PvP corporation and a member of the Shadow Ultimatum alliance.
Forming one of the many Imperium-aligned alliances, much of our content comes from fleets in support of the Imperium and home defense operations with Shadow Ultimatum.
Rather than recruiting by skills, experience, or veterancy in the game, we focus on promoting a fun community for all of its members.

What do we do?
• Silent Armada is highly focused on PvP and PvE content
• We require participation in at least 3 PvP fleets a month with the Alliance
• We provide opportunities to make money through nullsec by ratting, running abyssals, and other profitable activities
• We encourage a healthy and fun community for players regardless of skill level

If this sounds like a good time to you, feel free to check out our Discord server for more information or to join today.
Meet the community, and see if we’re a good fit for you! :slight_smile:

If you are interested, check out the Shadow Ultimatum Intro as well!

Howdy! We are still actively recruiting.
We are looking for pilots that have a positive mindset and passion for the game. Skill and experience are irrelevant to us.
If you’re interested, check out our server at the invite above and see if we’re a good match for you!