Silent Auction Fanfest Winner, no contact from CCP for shipping

Wish someone from CCP would contact me regarding the Avatar Print I won from the Silent Auction at Fanfest. Its been over a week and nothing heard at all regarding shipping the item to me.

I’m sure if you ask someone at Fanfest they can help you.

@ISD_Drew do you know which email they could send to, to get information?

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The gentlemen running the payment station for the auction had me write the home address and email address on the back of the actual auction form. The gentlemen even took a picture of my fanfest badge for contact, but so far nothing. I’ve made 2 tickets and sent 3 emails so far. The auction was to benefit the children’s hospital so I’m trying to give the benefit of the doubt, but spending 204,699 ISK ($1500) I’m a little concerned with the lack of contact.

(joke) Never thought I’d get scammed at Fanfest by CCP. lol.

A week isn’t very long, it’s probably in the mail.

@TemplarMessiah_Crusada please contact

Closing this thread as solution is above.

Hello, My contact for the auction stuff was CCP Paragon, He has always been a straight shooter and easy to talk with.