Silent Few Recruiting

Silent Few is a new corp. We have a core group of tight knit people that enjoy playing eve and helping each other out. We are looking for like minded people that want to join and help out. We are setting up to do PVP, PVE, and Industry. Other details can be given upon interest.

What we can offer you:

  • Knowledge and experience to help newer players grow
  • RL first attitude
  • Out of game communication (Discord)
  • Mapper
  • Chill people to play and enjoy Eve with
  • US timezone activity

What we look for:

  • Ability to scan: We can teach, but base knowledge is preferred
  • Familiarity with Eve: We can help teach newer players but having some understanding of the game mechanics makes the process much easier for everyone
  • Easy going personality: There are plenty of corps out there to take the game very seriously, we are not one of them
  • Social: We are a friendly bunch and being social is what gets us through the slow/rough times

If any of this appeals to you, please join our in-game public channel: Silent Few Tavern

Think you might be a good fit? Come find out on our in-game public channel: Silent Few Tavern

Sorry that we missed you. Stop by again.

Still recruiting pilots like you.

Come see why Silent Few continues to grow.

Looking at add a few more to the Silent Few

Silent Few is recruiting pilots.

Silent Few joins Stay Feral alliance

Silent Few is recruiting

Looking for a few more pilots.

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