[.S M.] Silent Majority. Wormhole Corp with goals - PVP/PVE/Indy - EU/Early US

Silent Majority is looking to recruit people to join us on our EVE adventure. We are a wormhole corporation living in a C4 with a static C2 and C5. We are looking for laid-back, honest, and fun-loving players.

Something for everyone

  • If you enjoy PVP, our hole has a C5 static where we often get good fights with skilled players from high-class holes and our C2 static gives you several connections to hunt down ratters, explorers and get good fights with a wide variety of different wormholes.
  • If you enjoy PVE we have fleets where we clear our C5, shoot triglavians in HS, hunt through event sites, or join hands for some Frigate Abyss.
  • If you enjoy Industry, we have a perfect zero tax haven where you can produce what you want efficiently and deliver it to one of the 4 trade hubs through our C2 static or sell it to a corp friend in need.

As a fairly new corporation many of our policies are not set in stone, only educated guidelines based on our own experience. We, therefore, welcome input from new recruits. You decide how big of a role you want to take in Silent Majority.
We plan to remain a corporation where each member is valued and we also want to teach members how to become self-sufficient. We are open to both veterans and new players. Currently, most of our players are EU or Early US timezone but we welcome everyone.

What we offer:

A friendly, fun, community with a real-life first atmosphere
Access to C2, C4, and C5 space
PVP and PVE ops
No taxes (Only 10% tax on PVE fleets to pay for fuel)
Discord / Pathfinder
A corporation where each member is valued within the corporation
Opportunity to help build a strong and successful corporation from the ground up

How do we support you?
Advice and guidance
Help with ship set-ups
Regular corporations/alliance ops
Help to become self-sufficient and space rich
A strong and supportive community of pilots around you

What we are looking for?
Alpha or Omega characters welcome
New or experienced players welcome
Team Players
Mature attitude
RL First
Players who want to learn and improve are team players that want to achieve a common goal

Our Goals:
Become a well-established wormhole corporation in our C4
Make a name for ourselves in Wormhole space to the point where other wormholers know that they can always get a good fight with us.
Have all timezones covered

At Silent Majority you will be part of a family that looks out for each other and enjoys each other’s company, come join us on our adventure.

If you have any questions direct them to Tl-lOR Gods or j4mie v1per or talk to us on our public channel Silent Majority Public

Corp Name in Game: Silent Majority.

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