Silent Majority. C2 Wormhole Corp with HS/C3 access and perfect PI. PVP/PVE/Indy - Mainly EU/TZ Some US/TZ

Silent Majority is looking to recruit people to join us on our EVE adventure. We are a wormhole corporation living in a C2 with a static High Sec and C3 which is a perfect wormhole for those who are just getting started with wormhole space or those who like a more quiet wormhole corner to do Industry with direct access to high sec. We are looking for real-life first, laid-back, honest, and fun-loving players.

Silent Majority is a small corp part of a large Alliance called Sugar. which gives players the best of both worlds. You both have access to your chill corner in the C2 but can also choose to participate in larger fleets with the main Sugar Alliance that lives in a C6.
You are free to decide how involved you want to be in shaping the future of the corporation and the alliance. We plan to remain a corporation where each member is valued and to teach members how to become self-sufficient. We are open to both veterans and new players.

Our wormhole has a C3 static that will both give you a good source of PVE income and PVP targets that try to take that PVE income away from you.
If you had a long day and just want to chill out? Just pop your head out into High Sec and run some combat sites or missions.

If you enjoy Industry, our wormhole is perfectly suited for that will all the structures you need and quick access to high sec to drop off your production.

What we offer:

  • A friendly, fun, community with a real-life first atmosphere
  • Direct access to High Sec and C3
  • PVP and PVE ops
  • Low taxes
  • Buyback program for Gas, Ore & Relic Salvage.
  • A corporation where each member is valued within the corporation
  • Opportunity to help build a strong and successful corporation
  • Guides and tutorials
  • Learn from pilots experienced in wormhole space

How do we support you?

  • Help with ship set-ups
  • Regular corporations/alliance ops
  • Help to become self-sufficient and space rich
  • A strong and supportive community of pilots around you

What we are looking for?

  • Omega characters
  • New or experienced players welcome
  • Team Players
  • Mature attitude
  • Basic scanning skills or better

Our Goals:

  • Become a well-established wormhole corporation in our C2
  • Expand into other timezones

In Silent Majority you will be part of a family that looks out for each other and enjoys each other’s company, come join us on our EVE adventure.

If you have any questions direct them to Voidray or Tl-lOR Gods in-game or talk to us in our in-game chat channel Silent Majority Public.