SILENT is Recruiting New and Active Pilots

Good Morning fellow Pilots, SILENT is currently recruiting both new and active / returning pilots to our ranks. We are a interactive group with our hands in a little bit of everything.

-What We Offer New Pilots

  • Guided Development with Skills to get you flying what you want in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Friendly Alliance to fly with and great Discord conversations.

  • Assistance getting you used to flying PVE / PVP and Industry if you so desire

  • Learning by action, rather than boring instruction, and helping you engage in activity.

  • Assorted Corporations that Specialize in different aspects of the game which we can help place you in once you decide on what path you want to take.

  • Returning / Veteran Pilots
  • Dedicated Fleet action, from Roams to War Operations

  • Large Scale Mining Operations with Dedicated Industry Corporation

  • Private Marketplace with lower than Jita or Dodixie Prices

  • SRP for designated Fleet Operations

Whether your just starting your journey into the universe or your returning, or even if you just looking to change things up. Feel free to drop us a line here or reach out to me in game and lets have a chat. Never hurts to talk to or meet new people because space can be a lonely place when your alone.

Spidey Bro, You can also join the 5-0 Public Channel and reach me via there ingame.

o7 Fly Fast and Silent

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