Singularity login issue

It says im giving wrong username and password but when i log back to tranquility it works

When did you create your character?
I ask, because you either created it after the last mirror, or you changed your password after the last mirror (or in the mirroring phase which is about 3 days before the mirror), and you are unable to log in either way until Feb or March.

It was before about a week

your character was created 7 days ago (assuming you mean the one you are on. the mirror was done 10 days ago… you therefore missed the window of being able to log into SiSi…

therefore, you will have to wait until February/March to be able to log into SiSi.

Normally mirrors are announced a few days before hand. This was mentioned the same day. Typically mirrors are 3-4 months between each other, unless CCP needs something new tested and therefore needs the mirror updated.

I create an account with epic EPIC::24924065. When i try to log to SiSi it says “wrong username or password”
When i press the epic button it says “client invalide”ît%20pas%20l’URL%20de%20redirection.&correlationId=ca5ca890-5372-11ec-bc21-cffa17191dd4&client_id=xyza78919GoeedwT2wFMh4Pr1PIzbnRK&response_type=code&scope=basic_profile&state=3c0d7bce-7b67-4067-82d8-cb67a51f423f
Then I create a new account without epic and i am able to connect to SiSI. But I want to test some fit with my Epic account. So can you give an access with my epic account to SiSi.

epic games has nothing to do with EVE… so why would you even try this??

you must have an eveonline account, or an eveonline acc through steam, which you should still create a eveonline account to be able to access SiSi…

so no, you will not get access to SiSi.

I have an account in eve online EPIC::24924065. I use to play in tranquility. I want to test some built in Singularity or play some event with my corporation in SISI. So can you repair your login tool to SiSi in the same way you did with steam some years ago.

And there is also a workaround to have steam players link their steamprofile to an actual eveonline account, since steam hasn’t been the most friendly to some of the updates that EVE has had.

and you are the first i’ve ever seen to use epic so you may have to create your own eve online account

My accoutn is an omega, but when I log in at Sisi, all characters appear as alpha clones.

you need to purchase omega on sisi, which luckily plex is only 100isk each, so you can easily buy 500 plex for 50k isk to make your clones omega.

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