Singularity temporarily closed to players - 2020-03-24

So,a few days means a week,maybe more.New meaning of “a few days”

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not today?

Still waiting for new shiny things… I hope we can update and open soon™.

Except the suns - we want those a little less shiny :slight_smile:

when is the sisi going to be up?

not today?

when is sisi going to be up

When are we going to have to pay for a separate Omega account to use Sisi?

Unfortunately there have been a bunch of unexpected delays with getting the changes published, but it is looking good for a Singularity update + reopening tomorrow, and we are having a mass test on Thursday. See Mass Test on Singularity: Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

I hear you… funny while I fix bugs for my day job, while waiting for CCP bugs to be resolved so I can go TEST :smiley: Life is strange.

tumble weed

Yeah, I know this feeling - I personally would also really like to open the server, but unfortunately there were further problems with the patch and our programmers are busy fixing it. I hope very much that I have better news tomorrow morning.


what are the hours that your programmers work? it’s 9:41 pm in iceland they must pull some long days :smiley:

And Singularity is finally back open with a new patch and a new mirror.

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thanks dude \o/