[SiSi] Mission payouts cut to 10%, LP included - Apparently just a bug. :(

A dev posted that on reddit that it’s likely a bug.

He doesn’t know anything about it …
… but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not real.

He’s going to ask.

I can actually see Hilmar asking “Can we do this and get away with it?” … lol

Not by.


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All missions.

All missions.

It is, as of now, unknown if it’s just a mistake.
Personally I am having a really hard time believing it’s a mistake.


Excuse me, but something changed regarding posting links and it’s a huge pain in the ass now.
When I paste the link, it automatically gets resolved to whatever it links to,
as long as discord knows the server.

It manually resolves twitch and reddit links, probably also others.

I can’t add the link to reddit without it turning it into whatever the reddit link links to …
… in this case the image.

I have to use the Hyperlink tool to do what was perfectly easily done just pasting a link.


It generally adds more work instead of less.

Where do I complain?


Oh my god. I am laughing so hard now. What is there left to farm?

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@CCP_TrashMob Did something perhaps go a little sideways?

Could people please stop tagging devs into my threads?


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LP is one of the best isk sinks in game, seems crazy that they’d nerf it that much.

PLEX is still guaranteed to always go up in value though, right?

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I really don’t like this new forum mechanic.
Can’t even simply post a ■■■■■■■ imgur link.


Okay, I’m going to move this thread into the PvE section now …
… aaaaand back!

regular level 4 missions too

CCP response from reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/jyvyty/mission_payout_nerfed_by_90_on_sisi/gd9g32k/

Hi-jacking top comment.

This is very likely a bug, as we migrated all mission data between systems. As far as I know nobody did any intentional changes to the payout from missions. I’ll take a closer look tomorrow.

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Another point for r/eve being a better forum compared to this cesspit. CCP devs responding to issues directly there! Woo!!


Now I really wonder what this bit entails.

Stock on virtual popcorn is going to split if this isn’t just a bug.

And the dev that claimed it is “likely a bug” is probably going to need to spend the rest of his/her career in Jove Space in game if they are wrong.

Can’t wait to see how this one pans out.

Someone in CCP is sabotaging the game. I think Hilmar. Unintentinally.


It is very intentional.

Hmm, maybe they got a bug not registering social skill levels.

Social skills are quite necessary for a captivated audience.
giphy (40)

I’m pretty sure it has more to do with coding skills.

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