Noticed lp drops on few missions

I feel like i am losing my mind here, and i’m looking at a stealth nerf…

Today, just popped in to do a handful of missions, and the LP payouts on a few (not all, weird?) have dropped.

The ones i really remember were burner ashimmu–which dropped by almost a thousand lp.

Then dread pirate scarlet, which i have a hard number for because it was the second one i noticed the drop for… it paid 9013, and used to pay the max, 9467.

And now that i think about it i had a weird feeling yesterday, that one of the missions i normally do had gone UP some (i think it may have been stop the thief)…

Is anyone else noticing this the last few days?

I know for 100% fact the Scarlet misison changed, and ashimmu. The other burners i’ve run so far today are still paying normally. So are missions like worlds collide.

No i didnt change systems, no i didnt use an alt, no i didnt share something, no i didnt extract a skills.

They changed.

Anyone else running out there got a check on these things?

It was introduced a long long time ago the LP payout are dynamic. If a mission is being blitz a lot the LP would go down a bit if it takes people a long time to do the LP rate would go up to it’s maximum for that mission.

Like recon 1/3 that used to be a 10+k LP mission. Overtime though because it’s blitz a lot that dropped down to near 7k LP.

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I’ve only ever seen a mission change once before this, and that was the guristas burner, it went up to match the others after years of being stuck really low. It took almost a year to finish moving up.

You could be onto something.

Excaliburs, Bots have been HAMMERING this system this month. The system usually has 25-55 mission runners in it, and the last few weeks its been 120-170 at times–just SWARMED with input broadcasters, and bots. It could be that they’re pushing a dynamic that’s been there this entire time, but didnt have enough runners running to get triggered.

It’s worth considering I guess.

Report all the bots at you find.

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Looks like it part of the resource thing as some CSM members have said this is/was to be expected.

Since it was not announced by ccp and no CSM member was kicked in the ass for NDA. This is bulshit. CSM is not a CCP. If they claim something that wasn’t put official it’s probably not even on CCP radar. And remember that null is salty because they can’t afk rat now.

about current changes to LP on sisi:

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