Skiff: 50 Mbit/sec Bandwidth but Light Drone Certificate?

As my name implies, I am all about the skiff. I love the skiff. I love the way it looks, the way it handles, the way it smells… okay, maybe not the way it smells. Still, I love the skiff and I might be a little nitpicky when it comes to things about it.

I know the skiff is the exhumer cousin of the procurer, but I was wondering why the skiff’s skill mastery certificates use light drones instead of medium drones? The procurer has a drone bandwidth of 25 Mbit/sec which translates to a full flight of five light drones, so it makes sense the procurer’s skill mastery certificates use light drones. However, the skiff (thankfully) has a drone bandwidth of 50 Mbit/sec which translates to a full flight of five medium drones. Shouldn’t the skiff’s skill mastery certificates use medium drones?

Hopefully someone can either clarify why the certificates are the way they are or change the drone skill mastery certificate for my beautiful, wonderful, smelly ship! :star_struck:

People actually look at ship mastery lol?


Looks like an oversight to me, did you use the bug report?

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So pixel macho…

I am not sure where to find that or how to use it.

f12 key

Hardly, it has a bunch of pointless skills, i never bothered with any of the sensor compensation skills lol

Sensor comp skills are vital. Gives a boost to the ships base sensor strength enabling them to avoid getting jammed (as much). You could learn a thing or two from the mastery section.


just because you can use 50m3 doesn’t mean you always should use 50m3 and sometimes the light drones are more useful. I would expect it to have light and medium requirements for mastery.

I’m aware of “what” the skills to, none of the fleets i’ve been in would have had different outcomes from training that skill at all, i either never get ECM’d or if i am getting ECM’d i’m in a frigate and its going to get jammed 100% of the time regardless :stuck_out_tongue:

Are mining drones considered smalls?

Edit: eve uni has 4 of the 6 as a 5 drone bandwidth so it looks like a yes.

doesn’t it have both certificates? i mean it can use lite drones and some situations they are better so to ‘master’ the ship they would be needed

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