Procurer drone bandwidth

The Procurer is supposed to have a drone bandwidth of 50 Mbit/sec. Yet when I try to launch an Ice Harvesting Drone, I get the message “You don’t have enough bandwidth to launch Ice Harvesting Drone I. You need 50.0 Mbit/s but only have 25.0 Mbit/s available.” What gives?

Do you have a Warp Stab installed? A warp stab cuts your drone bandwidth in half.

That explains it. Thanks!

This, right here. You don’t need a warp core stabilizer if your mining in highsec.

It won’t do anything against 20 catalyst with 20 warp disruptors pointed on you. You’re going to die.

The best way to avoid a high sec gank:

  1. pay attention to local. A sudden influx of characters with flashy red skulls is a good indication a gank is about to happen
  2. activity ping d-scanner every 3 seconds and keep an eye out for gangs of catalyst, taloses and cyclones. Those have no business being out in belts except for the exception of ganking.
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