Skiff Ungankable?

Fairly impressively @CowRocket_Void, you have successfully managed to find an exception to the rule. Well done.

I looked at the list that you linked to and you’re absolutely right, there are indeed ten pages of various kills involving an ORE mining ship.

I then looked at some of the detail in the first five pages. There are roughly 250 kills in total but only 14 of these actually took place in high sec, the vast majority were in null or low sec space.

I didn’t look at every kill report, but having picked some random examples, in most cases, the mining ship had significant help from others. Based on this, I assume that the tactical logic being used is to deploy the mining ship as a bait ship to draw in the prey before they pounce.

In my experience this practice is pretty unusual for high sec (although I’ve heard of bait ships before, I’ve never witnessed it in 13 years of playing), however based on your input I have now edited my original post.


Just to add on to CowRocket’s post: mining ships are very capable of defending themselves. Naturally they don’t have any weapons fit, as the high slots are for mining, but a miner’s weapons are his drones.

Even a Hulk with a tank of paper has access to a flight of 5 drones (mediums if I recall correctly) and can fight off agressors.

I remember the first time I was flying a hulk, in null, which was a pretty expensive and dangerous thing to do. I warped it off to an ice belt 20 AU away and while in flight a neutral (hostile) T2 frigate jumped into system, saw the Hulk on dscan and landed in the ice belt right before me while I was still in warp…

Luckily I also had a Porpoise with remote shield reps warp in, which could keep the Hulk alive, while the drones of the two ships forced the Enyo off. A shame I didn’t have a warp disruptor, but warping off safely was good enough.

Mining ships can fight, mining boosters can repair. A fleet of mining ships is a dangerous foe, if they’re awake and ready to fight.

Is it undocked?

Then it can die.

Isn’t talos more expensive than a caracal?
I’ve never been a victim of a gank, so I don’t actually know what they use. I’ve been told to look out for caracals, thrashers, catalyst?
My area of highsec rarely has gankers. Just stories of ganks v0v

Never? You haven’t lived …

Become a miner, travel to interesting solar systems, mine exotic minerals, meet surly, unsmiling pilots, and get blown up by them.


I am a miner.
When I first started, I was warned about code etc… in rookie chat. I was advised to set up away from jita/caldari space. So I did, and in 3 years I’ve still never had contact with them, or any other gankers.
I’ve had stations blown up during wardec, but never lost a ship to wardec.
I’ve been killed in null, during alliance mining ops, but I wouldn’t call that a gank. I was in a rorq one kill, and a freighter the other.
Outside of alliance war, those are the only times I’ve died.

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Yes, they also out DPS them by a lot too. The Caracal isn’t a known gank ship, it doesnt have the short term high DPS needed.

I would think any ship can be ganked. Be careful out there!

People often complain about CODE and ganking miners but I think alot of them have not been around for the full history of EVE. I cant imagine some folks today if this was the PRE-CODE ERA before 2012.

  1. gankers get full insurance of ships lost
  2. the arty apoc one shot hulk killer and then the primo version Tornado released
  3. Any exhumer ONE-SHOT even in 1.0 space literally no defense no chance to survive
  4. even without boomerang exploit you could kill at least 2 macks ice mining with one catalyst and maybe a pod SOLO
  5. This was for solo gankers which was more prevalent but overall alot less ganking until Helicity Boson and Hulkageddon

They buffed barges/exhumers after hulkageddon and more group ganking but even prior the amount of tears/damage done by a single pilot SOLO would have todays miners in fits.

TL;DR CCP please revert back to 2008-2012!!!

You forgot about smart bombing, that was a lot of fun.

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You’re forgetting one thing:

CONCORD used to be tankable.