Your balance sucks

So I need to have 300 billion saved up to fly mining ships? Are you gonna nerf Concord response next? I shouldn’t be getting ganked in highsec by people flying ships 100% cheeper than mine. You new warp stabs don’t work and it just cost me most of my isk. It seems like this game is increasingly designed to make you spend real money for ingame money. I have to keep flying retrievers now because i cant afford to lose a more expensive ship. And dont think its possable to survive even long enough for the ship to pay for itself. Its not. Lowsec is full of pirates and highsec is filled with suicide gankers trying to recruit miners or running shakedowns. (ya the asshole who just ganked me tried to recruit me. Thats the whole point it seems of there operation. I cant imagine why anyone would support people who kill miners. If you mine for suicide gankers your worse than ■■■■)


lmao this salt. what ship are you fly that requires 300b isk?


Its not possable for a lone miner to make any isk in this game. You get ganked before you can make any profit. Its bad enough i have to buy half the minerals i need now. Then you go and take the only viable defence i had a nerf it till it dosnt work anymore

I was flying a mack. I said billion because you need to buy a new ship every time you get ganked. Which in a mack is almost every run.

you mean Million? also, you should be flying a properly tanked skiff if you’re not going to be paying attention and be afk from the game.

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Im not afk. They warp in and you have less than 10 secs to gtfo before they scram you. I could do it when i could fit enough warp stabs to get out. Now its impossible

Everyone says to fly a skiff but all i see is that it takes them a few secs longer or an extra catelist to gank you. Once your scramed your dead and having more ehp wont save you unless its something like an orca

then fly an orca?

the point is that you should be paying attention. seeing a bunch of people entering your system and appearing in dscan should be enough to get you to start warping out. and no, skiffs are much tankier than mackinaws as long as you fit it properly.

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Orcas cost a billion just for the ship. The only way anyone could afford that is by buying plex. Or being in a corp that can actually defend you. Honestly id prob still get ganked in an orca. They would just get another destroyer or fly cruisers. Everyone just goes “fly this its great” but the reality is that it still dies. Just slightly less often.
I thought highsec was supposed to be safe? My real point here is that suicide ganking shouldn’t be possable. I wouldnt be suprised to find out that half of them make paychecks from eve to make people buy plex

so do you want to keep spending 300million and die 3 times or get an Orca once and spend basically the same amount? dude, it’s actually pretty difficult to get ganked and that only really happens if you’re absolutely predictable and make yourself stand out as an easy target.

that has nothing to do with CCP balancing the game. you’re just playing it wrong.

sucks to suck, that’s not change.

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I think this is me quitting. I might come back if they ever fix highsec ganking but i dont see that happening. All the devs are intrested in is nerfing things so you have to buy plex to play the game.

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you won’t be missed! o7

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Since others may be reading this and I’d like to offer help:

The ships he lost were poorly fitted Mackinaws - these are good targets for gankers: The one he lost on the 29th March had 15k EHP of defence - that’s better than a Punisher, but not by much. Even his tankier losses were only twice that. It doesn’t matter that he had a warp core stabiliser fitted, that was just a handicap to him.
His sole hope is that CONCORD arrive quickly and deal with the attackers. He was in a 0.5 system at best, and often in low sec. That’s a slow, or non-existent response.

He was mining in an unsuitable ship in a dangerous area.

A Skiff

[Skiff, Skiff]
Mining Laser Upgrade II
Mining Laser Upgrade II
Mining Laser Upgrade II

Medium Shield Extender II
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Compact EM Shield Hardener
ML-3 Scoped Survey Scanner
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II

Strip Miner I
Strip Miner I

Medium Thermal Shield Reinforcer II
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II

Mining Drone II x5
Acolyte II x5
Infiltrator II x5

Has 60-70k EHP of defence, so will take longer to kill. It also mines faster than his Mackinaw and is capable of handling minor trouble makers. It also aligns and warps faster.
And it’s cheaper.

For preference go for a Procurer and stay in hi-sec space and keep an eye out for trouble.

Oh, and don’t whine about silly losses here and throw your toys out of the pram. People are more likely to point and laugh than pick them up for you and wipe your nose.

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:salt: :salt: :salt:

Yes, please continue whining about how eve is unfair or bad or unbalanced, instead of taking anyone’s advice on how not to get ganked, because clearly you deserve to mine in 100% safety at maximum efficiency

I’d suggest taking these people’s advice (fly tankier ships like the Procurer or Skiff, warp off as soon as there’s a few gankers in system, stay aligned out) because whining isn’t going to get you anything

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