Skill plan with remap optimizer on linux


I’m looking for a software/website that can advice me on neural remap optimization based on a skill plan

I know EveMon does this on windows, but I did not succeed in running it on ubuntu (.NET framework failed installing everytime) nor running from evemon binaries.

I’ve searched on the web but every skill planner i tried doesn’t have an optimization option.

Anyone has a link for what i need?

Is it not possible to run Windows in a VM? And have Evemon on there?

There was but I’m not sure if it is still maintained

I’ve tried but I don’t have any window installation file/cd and virtual box asked for it

I have it installed, but doesn’t have an optimization option (or at least I haven’t found it)

Last time I used it it had one in the skill planer ui

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You can download ISO’s from Windows 8.1 and up directly from the MS website.

You still have to activate it. Windows is not free

BTW op, winehq says it should run with wine

Wine lets you execute windows programs under linux without the need for a copy of windows or virtualisation.

While windows isnt free you can install it in a VM, add everything else you want and then make a snapshot of the system (from an article on the mswindows delvelopers site) and when your trial expires just run from the snapshot.

Just because you can do something does not make it legal. If you want to use windows, pay for it.

Hello! I was able to get the current version of EveMON 3.0.3, working on Linux with Wine.

It was a little convoluted, so I will go through my process. (running Arch Linux 4.12.6-1)

  • Started from scratch and rm -rf’d my previous ~/.wine after many failed attempts
  • Installed the most recent version of wine-staging 2.16-1
  • Changed wine prefix to 32-bit (WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/.wine wine wineboot)
  • Installed and ran most recent version of winetricks, 20170823-1
  • Ran winetricks. Select “Install an Application” and on the next screen hit “Cancel”. Next, select “Install a Windows DLL or component” and select dotnet461
  • Go through the .NET dialogues which will install all previous forms of .NET including the required 4.6.1
  • run “wine EVEMon-install.exe”

The program now runs and I am able to add my API key for my character and whatnot and check optimized neural remapping (something the native Linux gtkevemon doesn’t seem to include…)

It seems like EVEMon currently exists in a sort-of development purgatory, although it seems like the absolute best tool for skill training overall.

hope this helps someone out there. o7

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