Some notes on Ubuntu 18.04


since I just installed Eve on a fresh install of the Ubuntu 18.04 nightly build, here’s some notes:

  • fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04 beta nightly build downloaded on Jan 25th

  • downloaded launcher, untared and chmoded - ran out of the box, updated and restartet.

  • Login possible, but couldn’t launch game

  • tried to run .eve/wine/bin/wine and got file not found. Used the file command on the wine executable and found 32bit binary - so missig 32 bit libs.

  • installed 32 bit libs:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libstdc++6:i386

  • found more missing dependencies from the logserver - libz and libldap.

sudo apt-get install libz1:i386
sudo apt-get install libldap-2.4.2:i386

  • complained about freetype fonts missing:

sudo apt-get install wine winetricks
winetricks corefonts

Result: runs nicely under wayland or xorg - the latter seems slightly faster.

Have fun!


Some update for the freetype libs from libfreetype6_2.8-0.2ubuntu2:i386 to libfreetype6_2.8.1-0.1ubuntu2:i386 broke the packaged wine so the game started only for half a second and then crashed (see the corresponding thread for archlinux).

The solution was to extract* from the old libfreetype6_2.8-0.2ubuntu2_i386.deb (either from /var/cache/apt/archives or from 17.10 repo) and drop them in the evelauncher folder.


Todays updates went from libssl1.0.0_1.0.2n-1ubuntu2_amd64.deb to libssl1.0.0_1.0.2n-1ubuntu3_amd64.deb and in the process moved and from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ and thus they were not found any more (as seen by lots of unresolved symbol messsages in the launcher log).

A quick fix was symlinking them into the launcher dir as follows:

ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ evelauncher/
ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ evelauncher/

For a nicer solution see the wrapper solution under

Then I saw that they had broken accelerated graphics in the process so I go 0.5 fps in Eve… luckily that has been fixed after some more updates…

The update also broke the right mouse button on the trackpad of my laptop… which is another problem to fix :frowning:

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Still waiting for the day when EVE will be an easy click and install on Linux. Hopefully that day will come.

Maybe you have a look on this site, where i have posted some screenshots from
EVE on Linux. The script which i have used for the installation are there also:

If you have questions about it, please post here.

It already is. Get yourself a recent WINE version (3.0 or better) and you can install EVE with only the Windows installer.

People still keep using the old “Linux launcher” out of habit, but it is neither an official product by CCP nor is it up-to-date anymore. Frankly, it is becoming a problem when people are still trying to use it, then fail and end up blaming it on CCP or Linux.

I don’t know, which problems do you have with the native linux EVE Launcher. And by the way
he is not ‘old’ it’s the same version like the windows launcher 1225328. If no one support the
linux development for such things then you must use wine further for a long time.

I literally just wrote what the problem is.

I do see how you keep reiterating over your installer script. The Linux launcher has never been more than a work-around and it is based on WINE. So why you would try to keep this abomination alive or even try to “damn” people to using WINE directly when it is literally the best and straightest way to run EVE makes me question your sanity. But keep your “baby” alive if you must. Nobody is stopping you.

Oh its seemes, you take it personally. No one must use my script, ever one can go your way,
but the hassles with wine and EVE are always the same, independed which way you chose.

Downloaded Eve Launcher, checked to see I had wine 3.0 installed, and installed without issues. My internet connection at work is horrible, so I will check at home to see if the rest of the game runs.

Don’t let me confuse you. I’m still not trying to stop you.

I, for one, am extremely happy we still have many workable choices.

  • A native launcher syncrhonized with the official one, and maintained by the very developer who codes the Windows version (@CCP_Snorlax, when I can bring you some beer? I live in Kopavogur!), who also happens to package a custom and optimized version of WINE with that
  • An official WINE package that’s nowadays foolproof enough to be just an installation away to be used smoothly by Joe H. Randomuser
  • Individual initiatives to lessen the efforts needed to install any particular version/combination/driver/whatever
  • Finally the idea that you should use one WINEPREFIX for every installation, so to avoid cross-pollution of games and environments, instead of a single C: with everything dumped within

Linux is about choice. I’m glad we still have plenty.

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Nice to see that i am not alone with my point of view to the native launcher, because someone has doubts on my sanity while i am building a setup script which are made some things easier to bring EVE on running on Linux.

You don’t think it’s insane what you wrote? … Here is what you wrote:

You are using WINE in all of the cases.

If you meant to say that you want a truly native Linux client then perhaps you’ve missed the old one. Yes, we did actually have one in the past. It’s a long time ago and CCP had to make multiple releases with every new expansion back then. The Linux client was always behind the Windows client. Eventually they dumped it, because they just couldn’t keep this up and instead were able to use WINE and thus give us one client for both Windows and Linux. It was wonderful to finally have a fully working client on par with the Windows version.

My apologies for calling you insane in case you didn’t know this. But if you did then you have got to be insane when you want to go back to the old days. A true native Linux client is a pipe dream at best. WINE has been a savior for running EVE on Linux.

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I was mainly referring to CCP making a native Linux EVE Launcher. Which is very likely never gonna happen imo. I tried it with previous versions of WINE. Don’t member which one but it wasn’t version 3. Playing EVE on it was worse than live-streaming HD video content on a dial-up connection.

I know that and that he was dropped with Incursion 2010. I’m playing EVE since December 2010
so i haven’t seen the native EVE Client. But i’m talking above not over the client i wrote the whole time about the launcher which was an ‘abomination’ on your opinion. You insult not only me because you insult everyone who develop crossplatform applications. I’m using self the whole time wine to running EVE on linux thats out of the question.
Which brings me to the question why are you here when you not wish thats the development with the launcher and eve himself for linux go further? Stay on windows and leave us alone if your only advises are using windows launcher and clean wine environment, then this is it wat i have read from you in many threads here.

So you don’t know what it was like…

Still not blaming you nor trying to stop you from anything.

…Maybe I’m an insult to the whole world?! :rofl:

I don’t believe it either. It’s just going to create more work for them. I’m happy we’re back to being able to running EVE with WINE as we used to do, without a “native Linux launcher” or other crutches. It’s now even running under WINE with DX11 and before CCP drops DX9. That’s as good as it can be.

UPDATE: Runs like a charm!


Why should they want to officially release it and waste some metric shittons of support resources for it?

The unofficial but updated native Linux EVE Launcher is not enough? The WINE packaged within is top notch, and if you want, you can use also your system WINE, if you prefer a different/better/customized version. Again, working out of the box + more choice. Best of both worlds.

What else one can reasonably expect from a business and its employees?

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