Skill Points as a Drop

Yes, I know, but just… hear me out…

The Idea:
Create a new implant called a Skill Point Processor Cache (or, y’know, whatever) which, when plugged in, does the same job as a ‘Cerebral Accelerator’ (so like skill points train at 2x or an amount, that’s for someone else to determine)

Having this implant plugged in would have a secondary effect - the ability to use another item.

Skill Cache Memory Chip (again, names are beyond the scope of this discussion).

This second item has a chance to drop on pod death and contains Skill Points (10, 20, 50,000? etc).

To use a Memory Chip you must have the implant installed.

Only players with the implant can drop the Memory Chip on death.

If a player is podded with an implant installed, they lose a portion of Skill Points from whichever skill is currently training, and an equivalent amount will be placed in the chip (maybe even a small ‘tax’ can be applied)

So like, if Arthur and Bob have implants, and Bob kills Arthur and collects his cache chip, he can apply the skill points Arthur dropped to his own skill queue (no ‘new’ skill points are created in the universe).

If Arthur kills Bob, but Bob has no implant, only the corpse drops and no SP is lost from Bob’s queue.

If Bob tries to cheat by removing all skills from his queue before PVP, killing Arthur’s pod drops only the corpse (determined by Final Blow).

Players can consent to the risk of SP loss by using the implant in a ‘live and die by the sword’ fashion.


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So all I need to do is not care about 50k lost SP when I can gain multiple of that per day or week with the massively increased attributes? And if I just station sit, I won’t ever lose any SP. Likewise, if I switch to a PVP pod, which every sane person does anyway, I also don’t lose any SP ever? Sounds like a gorgeous deal. Give!

One question: Why would I ever plug in the SCMC? So far, it seems that the SPPC gives the benefits as is.

You wouldn’t be able to apply SP from the memory chip without an implant installed. they go together.

Okay, but still a perfectly safe training booster that only an extremely miniscule number of chars are ever going to lose.

You could have the implant give double SP for a duration after every low/null sec capsuleer kill, as opposed to always. People do complain that the pirate lifestyle is non-viable, this could be a way to encourage player combat in the spaces designated for it.

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Yeah, tbh the idea of the implant granting any sort of buff to skill point accumulation is secondary; the primary purpose is just being able to steal/lose skill points, which I think would add a bit of spice to pvp engagements, particularly those where it’s only the pod and therefore there’s no chance of loot (or bounty, as I’ve recently discovered to my dismay)

If that is goal perhaps corpse salvaging could be added giving their broken implants and pod components. Perhaps, allowing someone to make their own implants with enough of them. You could research some components to get a implant BPC and than assemble it from other implant pieces.

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