Skill Points (What if?!)

What if what you could fly, use, etc… wasnt based on what you were trained in but on your total skill points instead??

Example -
A player has a total of 10,000,000sp accumulated thus far. His corp is having a mining op tonight so he fits out a mining vessel to the best of its capabilities within the amount of sp that he has. Later on that week, his corp is going on a cruiser roam so he re-allocates his sp and fits out a cruiser the best he can within his total sp…etc,etc…


Whats the point in SP at all if they are that dynamic?

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From a game design point of view, it’s possible, and may even seem interesting at first glance. “Wow I can fit myself out as best I can for anything I want to do!”

In practice it would be fairly awful. It would give you no relative advantage, since everyone else would be doing it also. It would in fact give you a relative disadvantage in most cases, since many players would be better at it than others.

It would mean re-adjusting your skill loadout every time you wanted to switch activities. It would mean new players not only needing to learn the skill system, but to make frequent decisions on how to adjust their skill allocation as they do other activities. It would mean setting up and saving many different skill plans and switching between them as needed.

SP sales and skills farms would be cut back due to reduced need. Players would need fewer alts and fewer subs, since they could now basically reconfigure an alt on the fly to whatever task is needed. (Some would say this is a good thing, but not from the standpoint of “Is EVE remaining profitable?”).

The idea looks like freedom and flexibility, but would actually be yet another layer of needless complexity in the game and also hurt profitability.


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We’ll do. Thanks for bringing it up to our attention :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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