Skilling into T2 frigates

I’ve been playing eve for about 3 months now, spending most of that time doing high sec mining. I’d like to get into exploration and combat, and am thinking of skilling into T2 frigates. I’m willing to fly anywhere, but I only want to LIVE in high or low sec.

Frigates are appealing to me since they are budget friendly, and seem to offer a wide variety of roles. I’m imagining that I would use these skills to join fleets (PvP and PvE).

But before I go down this path, I’d like to hear feedback from some experienced players. Are there any downsides to this plan? Are there upsides?

I would hate to spend the time skilling up here just to have regrets.

T2 ships are specialisations, not direct upgrades as such. They’re not a logical “next step”. You don’t automatically lose “just” because you fly T1 and you won’t automatically be bi-winning because you fly T2. If a certain T2 ship suits your play style or intended use or scenario then sure it makes good sense but a blanket “fly T2 ships” isn’t really that useful.

Apart from that, doing well in PVP comes from what you know, knowledge and experience, not so much from what you fly. T2/T3 or funky faction/pirate ships can make good pilots better but they don’t make bad/beginning pilots good.

You will learn a lot more, and at much less cost, by flying “normal” frigates and learning to get good with them. And perhaps THEN, with your improved knowledge and experience, cherry pick specific T2 frigs that you now know suit your style.


With T2 ships you unlock a couple of important and fun capabilities

  • safe travel - choose a fleet interceptor like the Ares to train into, also useful for scout role in PvP fleets
  • exploration - T2 exploration frigates have better bonuses, and covops cloak
  • bombers - join NPSI fleets from Bombers Bar, and go whaling
  • logi frigates - T2 logi frigates are super handy in PvP fleets, if you want to try that role

Markus has made a good point. And I must emphasize they are not “instant win ships”.
T2 frigates are specialised. They perform better in their intended role than the equivalent T1, but at a cost. The T1 has more general ability.

For example, the Magnate (the Amarrian T1 explorer) can be fitted for combat, it’s not good, but it’s not hopeless. It’s s reasonable explorer, not good remaining hidden but cheap enough that loosing it isn’t the end of the world.
The Anathema, the Amarr T2 explorer, is much better at remaining hidden and exploring dangerous areas. It can fit a covert cloak (NEVER fly without the covert cloak). But it’s expensive, lightly armoured and is almost incapable at combat.

The T2 logistics frigate is similar. A better logistics ship, but weaker in every other role.
The E-war ships are different; in some roles (mainly fleet support) the T1 ship is better than the T2. The Crucifier is a good example.

Don’t train T2 hulls before you can fit them well. That means T2 armour/shields and weapons.

So saying, I’ve trained T2 frigates and use the for their various roles in place of the T1s. Just be aware they are specialised - but very capable in their roles.

I’d also recommend looking at the Tactical Destroyer - a more multi-purpose and highly capable ship.

There’s a lot of people live in high sec and day trip into low, null or wormholes depending on their wishes, time and interests. I do.

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T2 frigates is one of the best ship classes you can skill into.
From there, you now have access to interceptors, covert-ops, stealth bombers, assault frigates, and advanced logi frigates.
11/10 would recommend.

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I really like Assault Frigates, they do an amazing job, like the Retribution. But this is important:

In EVE, modules have to grow with the ship, or you will definitely be disappointed.


Thats right I make this mistake when fit my Naga for first time, still learning 5f431fe69492b4d6c90d43a5ac714c00

It is always tempting to reach for the biggest ships as fast as you can in the believe that “bigger is always better”. Eve isn’t simple.

@Boldly_Gone - personally I like its sister ship, the Vengeance, but it requires missile skills.

One of biggest mistakes many new EVE players make is think that “bigger is better” you are clearly not making that mistake.

Frigates, both T1 and T2 (of all varieties) are incredibly useful and versatile, especially in a solo or small gang setting. However, in a solo or small gang setting they do require a lot of knowledge of game mechanics and tactics. There is not a single frigate that is useful for every fight, the “rock paper, scissors” of EVE is most apparent when flying frigates.

So yes, I would highly advice you to skill into T2 frigates, of all races. But do learn the strengths and weaknesses of each ship, realise what targets you can take out with which ship, and which you cannot.

A frigate pilot who knows what he is doing is a dangerous adversary. You don’t see the one ones who don’t know what they’re doing for very long, they tend to get blapped off the field rather quickly.

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I appreciate all the responses so far. It’s been very helpful. A few follow up questions:

  1. Can a T2 frigate (logi/assault) get me into an incursion fleet? I mean, I’m sure anything’s possible, but will typical fleets be interested- or are they gonna expect Cruiser+ ships?
  2. I’ve noticed that Eve seems to have special events throughout the year (there was a swarm something, and now crimson harvest) will T2 frigates be able to participate in most of these special events?

No, to both. Incursions require battleship DPS and T2 cruiser logistic ships. Some events may be doable in an assault frigate, but minimum is a T3 destroyer or better to compete and have fun.

So, are incursions all at a set difficulty level? Or are there levels offered? (For example, ratting sites offer varying levels of difficulty- most high sec sites can be done in a t1 frigate while many 0.0 sites need at least a cruiser. )

Edit: I just found my answer online. There is a way to do lower level incursion sites, but they are generally not worth it.

Where restrictions apply on what can enter somewhere it’s usually based around hull size.
Small hulls, so Frigates & Destroyers, normally can access everything.
Small hulls is also imho the most fun to be had in the game.

You’ll need to think about exactly what it is you want to do and then arrange your skill queue accordingly.
With T1 hulls (standard, navy & pirate) you can to a degree get away with less than optimal skills
With T2 hulls you need to focus your skills accordingly as substandard skillsets are punished with poor performance

Train the T2 class-skill LAST, after you have completed training the skills that cover

  • Armour or Shield
  • Propulsion
  • CPU
  • PG
  • Riggings
  • Weapons
  • Weapon Support Skills
  • Capacitor
  • Overheating & Nanite Paste

without all these skills being done first at T2 hull is not going to perform well, and whilst reasonably cheap successive losses will soon mount up.

As your primary pve focus is mining, I’d also recommend the T2 expedition frigates as they will enable extra content for you (worm holes and such)

PVE - AF, Recon, Expedition
PVP - AF, LF (Logistic Frigate)
Are probably the classes you want to research further before buying skill books & setting queue priorities.


Hello pilots I hope you are well I was looking for a fitting for the Naga on the internet that will work as a sniper and I found this one. Do you think it is SUITABLE? I would like to improve my character in such a way that almost no shots fail is POSSIBLE? Is there any advice that you can give me that is USEFUL? Thank you very much for your time, this is the fitting

[Naga, Uni Alpha T1]
425mm Compressed Coil Gun I
425mm Compressed Coil Gun I
425mm Compressed Coil Gun I
425mm Compressed Coil Gun I
425mm Compressed Coil Gun I
425mm Compressed Coil Gun I
425mm Compressed Coil Gun I
425mm Compressed Coil Gun I

Phased Weapon Navigation Array Generation Extron
Tracking Computer II
Tracking Computer II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Large Shield Extender II
50MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive

Damage Control II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II

Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Ionic Field Projector I
Medium Hybrid Collision Accelerator I

Tracking Speed Script x2

Pathways of ships and ship classes are roads of specialisation and/or tactical purpose in group gameplay. As pointed out, it isn’t a dynamic of upgrades or X+1 = better.

That said, small ships can be a lot of fun. Particularly in combination with a specialised character. Getting the sweetspot out of maximum effort while diving deep in a doctrine role (tactics), or picking apart the universe is fun. There is no need to go to null sec for this, particularly in relation to PvE. For PvP, it’s a bit different as highsec doesn’t really carry much of conflict type or nature variety. Lowsec, there’s ample opportunity for both right there, but most players don’t seem to put more than a toe in it, for various reasons. PvE there however can easily provide PvP entry, and vice versa there.

Here’s an idea. There’s a player group / initiative called Spectre Fleet. It’s basically NPSI (Not Purple Shoot It - so if it isn’t in gang it’s meat) where people from all over regularly team up and fly out to have fun. On its own that’s quite refreshing, but it is also uniquely suited to provide insights into the experiences people have and build around the exact same questions are you’re asking.

Spectre Fleet does go out to null sec, but it also runs around Low Sec, with regular fleets and events well planned & advertised there’s good options to first pick a T1 frigate or cruiser to tip your toe in the mix. Look at the various fleet doctrines, where they are used, how and for what purpose the components of a doctrine are specialised. See how people use them. Get a feel for the experience.

Serious, nothing beats the opportunity to hop in and see things done while a part of it :slight_smile:

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