Next step after T1 Frigates

Where do you guys recommend new PvPers to go after T1 Frigates? In my case I’m referring to small gang/solo FW or roaming. Should we advance into Faction/T2 Frigates, or into something like T1 Cruisers, or skip cruisers entirely and go even bigger?

T1 destroyers

Check out the navy frigates if you can afford them, then t1 destroyers.

T1 cruiser is a fine goal for now. I would recommend to wait a while before going bigger. It takes a while to get used to the decreased mobility that comes with bigger ships.


in addition to the above considerations t1 destroyers require less skills because they inherit guns and modules from frigates.

cruisers require a completely new suite of skills and if you rush to the biggest ship you can you will be in a horrible position. Make sure you train a fitting skill if you cant think of anything else at any given time

I second destroyers option. learn how to be a slow brick, then go cruisers :slight_smile:

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try faction frigates first :smiley:

If you’re not flying solo, go with the least skill intensive role your corp needs in a ship you will enjoy flying for a while.

Even more t1 frigates.


Is what I said. What is it with everyone lately?

yeah stick with t1 frigates for novice sites

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