Skilling Spree not working for me

o7 The Skilling Spree event is back, but for my characters the task is not available. It still says that I should enter the Proving Grounds.

Tbh I feel that I should be able to participate in the Skilling Spree without entering the Proving Grounds first. Is this working as intended ?

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Spree is over.

Okay… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: thank you.

Update: as you may have noticed in-game, the Skilling Spree event is not over at all. It became available to me after downtime when the Destroyers FFA Proving Grounds event ended.

Can someone confirm that the Skilling Spree was active during that event ?

According to the forum, “it launched as part of the Combat Command update on Tuesday [28-07] but was not mentioned in the patch notes. It did show up in hoboleaks a couple of weeks ago.”

@CCP: I missed part of the spree because I didn’t know it was on, and without information I can’t tell if it’s working properly or not. Please put information about starting/ending the Skilling Spree in the patch notes, where it belongs.

The event was part of the spree, and it is ongoing atm

It wasn’t.

It’s active in between the events, but when there is an event available, all you got is “Enter the proving ground”. We never got both the proving ground and the NPC Skilling spree simultaneously.


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