Skills Window, Drop Down List box new selection, My 'Trained' Skills

Within the character sheet | Skills tab, the available list items within the drop down list combo box, can there be another item named My ‘Trained’ Skills please?

I’m assuming that I like many others will have taken advantage to reevaluate their characters game role and probably will have taken further advantage of skill extractors to reapply those skills points to a new training path.

Although now there are a lot of old skills that are now untrained and more than likely won’t get trained ever again, hence with the proposed My ‘Trained’ Skills, such dormant/unused skills need not be shown anymore, less clutter as so to speak.

Failing that suggestion, can we have the option to remove the dormant/unused skill, (and any certificates that go along with them), please?

Thank you in advance.

you mean like the already existing filter to show only already trained skills?

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