Skin concepts

Community SKINs, eh? Sounds like a good idea. No thanks. How about we add SKIN NFTs?

(Seriously though - I’ve been saying for ages that we need some community-created SKINs. Some of these are amazing)


I see you’ve definitely been busy, nice work…


What about corp skins or alliance skins , some process of making it like the corp logo, maybe the player who makes the skins could do them and they then get sent off to ccp for approval.

Creating group and unit identity Is an important thing , this is could be a good tool .

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Some old skins to go with a reddit request


All of these look absolutely stunning.

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The below furry ships are from circa 2010 or earlier and were made in 3dsmax.


You never fail to impress.

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Is that Fur or Hair on them ships???
Question ??
you said, About 90-95% are made with Eve Online resources only, using a basic version of CCP’s space object factory.
how does one set that up?? curious I am thanks

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Sorry I made that post without an explanation and have updated it.

I keep marvelling at how amazing Tamber’s work is.

At some point you have to stop saying how good it is because you’re simply running out of superlatives.

I don’t fly all these ships but I’d be buying all the Vexor SKINs because they’re stupid gorgeous and that’s me, I have a bad history with Vexors but man, are these SKINs awesome or what.

This is what I have been advocating for years, this kind of SKIN: a non-pay-to-win feature that people would identify with and would buy in a heartbeat.

Corporate / alliance liveries (and a feature that would prevent any non-members to buy them).

My face on the flank of the ship, hell yes!

A name for the ship I’m flying, displayed on the hull. So many ideas for making your ship your very own.

The quality of this work is out of this world. Kudos, good sir.