I have created several Torrent Skins for sale. It wasn’t easy, believe you me. It was incredibly expensive. Squall Blueprint (100 M isk) to BPC to create Squall Blueprint Copy. Then Invention to create the Torrent Blueprint copies. Then creating the Torrent with that BPC. From there into SKINR to create my skins (about 200 plex a shot) then listing them in the Paragon Hub for sell (more expense). They were there for a while and then Paragon went down (again) gets moved around in the menu structure, then goes down again And now ALL FOUR TORRENT SKINS are no longer listed. And that was after paying hefty fees to list them. Sent more than one support ticket but CCP support is NON EXISTENCE. At best sometimes they respond in a couple of weeks, if you are lucky. I want my money back BUYER BEWARE!!!

Peoples actually care about skins in this game?



There were so many warnings online, why didn’t you listen, you might make a profit in a few years.

Skin’s are cool for sure, but trying to sell one for profit is a joke.

Oof does that means dev’s are working through the weekend? sux, no idea why they didnt wait like a month extra to release the store and let us just play with making skins for now as that part actually works.

So you are a sadist who gets pleasure in other’s pain. Ok - now we know how to frame your unenlightened and stupid responses.

Not looking to make a profit - just another dumb presumption on your part but hey, consider the source. Guess what ppl can do this in order to learn BUT when my skins disappear after I paid so much money well hey yeah WTF CCP.

BTW a plural noun usually takes a plural verb and not singular. Your education is showing again.

Who the f knows. I don’t really care. But all recent communications in the last month with CCP support have gone unanswered and so, i expect the same here. Thought i made that clear but oh yeah, i must consider certain idiotic abilities to see things contextually.

SKINR? You misspelled SCAMR… :wink:

Sorry Vokan, I don’t answer rhetorical questions. And I don’t give shite if they do or not.

Yep, It should be spelled SCAMR. It’s a big cash grab!

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Actually, it’s a sadist who takes pleasure in other’s pain. A masochist takes pleasure in their own pain.

Regardless, it sucks that your SKINs have disappeared. I hope you get compensation.

Another buyer beware: the SKINR tool doesn’t always produce a SKIN matching the preview in Studio. I’ve made one Crane SKIN where the default pattern shows through the custom SKIN (but only in-game, not in Studio). I also saw someone on Reddit who had something similar happen with (I think) a Squall SKIN, so it wasn’t just me. Bug report submitted, we’ll see if it gets fixed.

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Thanks, Hatch. I stand corrected and have made the correction in my reply to Kenzore. All the best. Yeah really sucks. Yes, they are a bit different sometimes.

I’ve read if you do that for the same subject instead of only sending one ticket then it will just make them respond later.

What relevance does this have, you do know you can create skins for ships you don’t own right?

How should that be allowed on T3 cruisers when that pilot can’t assemble a T3 cruiser without first being skilled to be able to fit the Strategic modules?

SKINR doesn’t work on T3 ships at all because they are modular, being able to fly them has nothing to do with it

You can create skins for any ship you want that is supported by SKINR, you don’t need to own the hull


I’m just messing with you mate yea I was a bit of a dick I apologize, CCP will fix it you haven’t really lost anything (there will always be a record), but you might have to wait awhile.

Yea I skimmed through and thought you where trying to sell them and they wern’t showing on the market, but for them to not show as personal skins is nuts.

They released an unfinished product that they rushed out waaay before it was ready. Most of us would have been fine if they just delayed it a month honestly.

I edit my sentences quite a bit I sometimes miss things, it happens.

SKINR - the new HyperNet.

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Please be patient and work with support on this issue.

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