I’ve seen a few skins that have a little blue hatch on the top left corner that says limited. Does that mean that any skin without that blue hatch is going to come back from time to time and only the ones with the blue hatch were a one run release?

If not, does that mean that all skins will possibly be available for re-release? Example:

That Dawn of Liberation skin has the blue mark.


This Nyx Headhunter one does now.

So the Dawn of Liberation ones were a one release skin while the Headhunter ones could be released again later on?

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The blue mark denotes that they were part of an event, but this is something that they just started to add. I’m not sure if they retroactively added it to other event skins.

It is unlikely that retired skins like the Headhunters will be reissued, but it’s not impossible. Likewise, it’s possible that event skins might reappear for a future version of that event (Crimson Harvest, etc.) if it is repeated.

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Crimson harvest should come back this Halloween

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