Slavers Union catches anti-ganker black market clothing dealer

At approximately some time last night myself and my multiple personalities scouted an anti-ganker hauling contraband. The contents of their cargo contained a cache of stolen clothing and ships skins that they’ve recovered from gank victims wrecks. While they publicly claim to prevent ganks and care about gank victims the truth emerges as I found one of their more prominent members alts attempting to move the cargo of helpless gank targets to Hek in order to make a quick credit on their broken backs.

I present you the suspect in question and his now smoldering wreck.

Here’s the bill of lading for this pilots treacherous act…

These clothes were no doubt on their way to a homeless shelter when the slimy anti-ganker took it upon himself to minimize his greed instead of being a true fedora-wearing public servant. Since the cargo is now in my possession I will be auctioning off the pieces and all proceeds will go towards making Highsec a safer place.

The nasty anti-ganker made sure to tell me exactly how he felt…

____________er: u :eggplant: sucking :poop: ■■■■
____________er: u realize that it was loot I’ve scooped from wrecks and some of it from me ganking on my secret alts?
____________er: ur dad loves :eggplant: and ur mum sleeps with a donkey
____________er: it’s ok I’m just gon go scam new players in rookie systems then

Wow, truly vile right? Well I guess let this be proof that not only are anti-gankers pathetic in just about every conceivable way, but they are in fact wolves in sheep’s clothing.


This is outrageous!

It just goes to show that antiganking fails daily.


What is going ln in HiSec between you gankers and anti-gankers? How do you know this was an anti-ganker? Also…you multi-boxed this kill…alone? Crazy stuff, you sure ruined someones day.

Highsec is in a perpetual state of spiritual warfare between gankers and anti-gankers. It’s essentially the same good vs evil song and dance that inevitably ends with the good guys riding off into the sunset. I’ll give you a hint as to who the bad guys are (their name rhymes with schmanti-schmankers).

This is an easy one as naturally we have the most in-depth and top secret spy division. We’ve infiltrated their upper-most ranks and have chat logs that would make your head spin. These guys really are the embodiment of evil. So yeah, we know who all their alts are and we double - triple check them before swiftly bringing justice upon their smooth brains.

Yes. I’ve trained for many years to get to where I am now. Not even the newly buffed Marauder-class Battleships can withstand my sheer will and dedication.

Honestly I like to think of it as making New Eden and Highsec in general a better place. I just try to do my part, man.


Well it is entertaining at the very least. I do not know who is good or bad but it’s good content.

Seems fake to me , doesn’t talk like any anti-ganker I know , now you do get all types of swamp rats hanging around gank sites that’s for sure, we know our loot snatches and yes any we grab we offer back or put it to good use.

Do I detect some bitterness from the op here , I hear they do have a large amount of fails , fail ganks and loot pickups , but not my area so not sure.

I like Githany Red don’t know that player either.

But then again I guess you have no idea who Electus Matari are, oh dear…

I see a few passing kills on Kusions in Uedama once, which obviously makes him a full on card carrying member of the AG inner circle in your mind. ooops.

Still made me chuckle, I hope you are well by the way.

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I expected some anti-gankers attempting to cover up their misdeeds… I guess it’s only a natural reaction when you’ve been caught red handed.

We at Slavers Union just recently dipped our toes into enforcing law around Highsec so naturally there’s been a learning curve. Maybe 2 wrecks have been stolen by rats.

I mean you can take a look at our killboard and see that the scummy anti-gankers have minimal effect on us.

Are they slave owners as well?

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Yes very true , I have been following your progress and yes your right you have been improving. Nothing in eve is as straightforward as people think, let’s hope we all improve

Just a click bait tease with, ie; black market clothing dealer title…


hahaha iceacid clicked it looool BAITED ON A FREE ______

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At approximately some time tonight I watched you fail a gank and it made me smile.

Remember people don’t believe what any ganker tells you unless the ganker is an anti-ganker ganker , then his actions will be honorable and true.


Yep. Thrashers landed out of range. Good thing is that I failed the gank because of an error on my part alone :wink:

Easy to correct those kinds of mistakes.

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Nice contraband seizure, good job.

The evidence presented proves an overwhelming and compelling call to action. This must B dealt with.
But, just how do we deal with the antigankers who are probably at this very moment sitting is cistuavert station in sinister looking blood raider faction boats, frantically scamming every new player who pops up out of hard earned billions thru trade window scamming?

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Looks like I am just getting into this thread on time. This is freaking hilarious.

Looks to me like the loot fairy went denial crazy here, with most of the supposed value of the loot drop being grossly over-estimated and likely worthless apparel. :rofl:

Robocop is trying hard to blame the victim in response to his horrific and no doubt frustrating bad luck. LOL If there was a disappointment of the year award, I think we have a winner! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I would give quite a lot of ISK to have just seen his face when he realized what he got for his effort! From :smiling_imp: to :crying_cat_face: in 0.23 seconds I bet!

Gotta give him credit for turning that disappointment into a role-playing story though. I probably would have broken something near my desk!

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Half the fun I am sure is the roleplaying. Both on your end and on the gankers’ end I am sure. Been loving the threads so far. But how do you label that as a dissapointment? 2bil of loot at jita buy value dropped is still isk positive

The estimated value of that apparel is way off. Skins too. May as well value them at zero ISK. Selling them is such a hassle, he might not be able to give them away. A quick look and he made maybe 300 million tops? And that is not counting his Gnosis which was probably a 50 mil loss plus all the lost thrashers he had to replace and refit. That gank was a complete waste of his time and effort. He is used to much much more. That was like going from corporate CEO to flipping burgers at Wendy’s He would just as soon wipe his posterior with that paycheck as cash it.

Not just zkill estimate, I checked both evepraisal and janice for prices today. But otherwise, damn what a gank

I knew it.

Anti gankers are just in it for the money.

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