Slow Down the Combat

People do not tell you this.

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With an enemy fleet big enough, true, you may only live a couple seconds no matter your ship.

Only damage caps (structures) or temporary invulnerability (rorquals) can let you survive more minutes then. But I don’t think damage caps or invulnerability should be a more widespread thing to slow down combat.

We do have other methods to slow down dying, assault damage control. You could still die in seconds against a fleet large enough, but for smaller engagements it gives you a good extra chance of survival while it is active.

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You don’t, I do.
It is a system that works.
ADC is a single class of ship only, not all ships, and is a form of limited invulnerability which you are disagreeing with above also.

One of the first things I learned when I started EVE was the fight starts the second you undock. There may not be any drama, but the second you undock, you are at war with other players. Some are friends and will help you. Some are neutral and will watch or escape, and some are enemies who want you dead. Having any other mindset in eve will get you dead fast. And even with that mindset, you sometimes end up dead, fast. It’s what keeps me coming back to eve. I never know what is going to happen with my character the second I undock from a station. I may fly sweet and clean, or I may die right there, or a few jumps later.

As a new player way back when the mechanics of war were, less forgiving, I fleeted up with a player that was at war with another corp (a mutual war they used to kill newbs like me then, with). My lovely Armageddon died. I was upset. But it taught me a valuable lesson, one I iterated above. And that lesson is the very core of what makes eve eve.


[Monty Python narrator voice]

Once upon a time…

Eve ships used to have less HP than they do now.

Then people complained,
And the DEV’s resolve waned,
“Do they really need more buffer?” they said shamed.

“Yes!” cried the carebears.
“Absolutely!” moaned the PvPers.
And so the Devs gave 50% HP to all.

[/Monty Python narrator voice]

And then players started to double up their own firepower and numbers to compensate.

In the short run, this will do as intended and make fights “last longer.” Even create some “interesting” situations and fights.

In the long run, it will encourage “overwhelming firepower” tactics with greater players numbers and/or volley or DPS numbers. Because there is literally no tactical reason NOT to focus fire.

Then we will be back to where we are now.

Edit: There are are other dynamics regarding adding more HP.

Have you ever fought a person only to have them de-aggress, wait out the aggression timer, and then dock or jump through a stargate?
Ships having more HP will make these kinds of tactics more possible than before.
This is not necessarily a bad thing in some circumstances, but it will definitely add a degree of tedium to combat.

True solo combat would also be more difficult with all ships having more HP.
More HP means more time is spent fighting. Which, to be fair, is rather the point behind all ships having the extra HP.
But longer fights means more time for one side of the other to call for friends (because unless both sides are being honorable, why wouldn’t they?).
Effective solo combat relies on quickly engaging and disengaging before others come to crash the party. And unless one is using kitey tactics, reducing the opponents HP to zero and getting the ■■■■ out as soon as possible is imperative.

Another thing to consider is that it throws off the balance between various tanking styles.
Referring back to the history lesson I made above: Active tanking was in a really bad place for very long time partly because of that universal HP buff.
Any universal buff to HP will also have to see widespread changes to armor, shield, and hull modules to both prevent fitting shenanigans and keep the tanking all the tanking styles relevant (and not making buffer tanking more king than it is now).

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