[SLPN] Sleep Paralysis: LGBT-friendly all around corp. [PVP] [PVE] [Industry]

Hello! We are Sleep Paralysis, an LGBT friendly corp based out of a C3 WH, with a LS static, and currently in the Caldari Militia. We are in USTZ and EUTZ.

We are a new-player-friendly corp with no skill requirements - in fact, no requirements other than a good attitude and a lack of drama. We have a core of experienced members that have participated in every aspect of EVE, and we’re happy to help you learn and succeed at any aspect of the game.

Main Focuses:

  1. Wormhole operations in our C3
  2. Faction warfare
  3. Industry

Other content:

  1. Lowsec roams,
  2. Boosted mining fleets.

We offer:
FREE T1 ships for new players,
SRP for fleet operations,
A friendly and encouraging environment for new players to learn.

For more information, find us on discord [Sleep Paralysis] or join our public channel “Sleep Paralysis”.




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Recruitment still open.

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Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Recruitment still open!

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