[SLPN] Sleep Paralysis - LGBT Wormholes & Faction Wars. New players welcome!

Hello! We are Sleep Paralysis, an LGBT friendly corp based out of a C3 WH, with a LS static, and currently in the Caldari Militia. We are in USTZ and EUTZ.

We currently have no SP requirements, and I am a 9 year veteran (taken a few breaks here and there). I am mostly available in the afternoon, PST. I have done damn near everything in this game, and I love teaching new players! We are accepting of all, as long as you don’t bring drama and bigotry.

What we offer:

  • WH ratting
  • Boosted Mining fleets
  • FREE T1 ships for new players
  • A friendly and encouraging environment for new players to learn
  • Lowsec roams
  • Opportunities to make money doing FW

We are currently a small af corp, but the more the merrier! Join our public channel “Sleep Paralysis”




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