SLYCE Newbies [Panfam]{SLYCE] Nullsec New player focused corporation

We are the new player introductory corporation of the SLYCE Alliance.

SLYCE Alliance is one of the oldest running Nullsec Industrial alliances in eve today. With our strong focus on content and personal member growth here in eve online we hope to provide a healthy and diverse experience for our members and specifically new and returning players.

You may seem insignificant at the start of a game this large, but you are needed more then you know. While we primarily recruit new players, we also bring on people who may just not have enough skill points or experience to come out to nullsec. We also always need new mentors and veterans to help the new players!

What can I expect in my first month of playing?

  • You can expect to be in a crucial role, Tackle! - Tackle are the fleet members who are primarily responsible for warp disrupting/scrambling hostile targets so the bulk of the fleet can engage and destroy said target.
  • A beginners knowledge of basic elements of eve. From PvP, industry and mining.
  • Skill books to quick start your journey and with a Skill plan to get you the most out of your first months in game.
  • Free frigates and destroyers! - PvP tackle ships and some of our doctrine destroyers will be provided to you as you need them. Free fitted mining ventures will be free to you as needed as well.
  • You will learn several varieties of ways to earn isk. Including running combat anoms, belt ratting, Mining, Market play, Production to name a few.

What can I expect long term?

  • Within 3-4 Months we hope that you have learned everything you will need to join a mainline corporation in SLYCE Alliance proper. We will find a home that suits your playstyle, languages and culture.
  • Within 3 Months you should be able to fly most of our starter doctrines, including, caracals and ferox.
  • Have the ability to be self sufficient and have enough information and isk to choose what you will do for income generation. You should be running myrmidon’s or ratting battleships at this point.

If you find that you would rather stay with SLYCE Newbies corporation your more then welcome to! We like to push members out of the nest so to speak so you get a realistic look at a EvE online Corporation without as much hand holdings and more personal direction!

Our minimum requirements to join

  • Microphone Usage is needed for communication and teaching/learning.
  • 17+ Years of age.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Alpha’s are welcome but you must be omega to finish the program.
  • Submit to an ESI/API Check. (security based system, check for spys ect)

Check out our brief FAQ/Info Page.

Join our discord and ask for Lance Utama or Tanya Talon.

Come join our in-game public channel: Solyaris Newbies

Or Mail/Convo Myself Lance Utama.

Thank you for reading this long post, We hope we see you out in space! Regardless if its our corp or another.


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