Small Corp of PI enthusiasts looking for a system in Null to set up shop

We are a small group of players that mostly spends our time managing our many colonies around New Eden. We are looking to make an expansion into higher tier products (P3-4) and thus we’d need to find a new home for us to achieve this. We also do some Mining, Industry and Exploration on the side from time to time but not to any mind blowing extend.

Requirements of the System:

  • Preferably having close to 2 of every type of planet.
  • Must be able to produce all of the P4-products.
  • Low traffic area.
  • Max. 1 jump to Empire.

What we may offer in return

  • Below Jita prices on P3-4 products, how much depends on the productivity of the system.
  • Possible use of Research/Manufacturing facility.
  • Possible Logistics service.

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