Small Gang Corp looking for new members! Theoretical Mass

still open! still thirsty!

Happy nexus event, corp is still green for new hires!

Still open to new members

We still running!

January 29, 2022

Captains log

I forgot my poshven filaments again and now i am stuck in a hostile hole. Attempting to trade exotic dancers to the locals for a set of filaments.

Locals seem keen on their dancers being male, my female dancers just wont cut it, I have encouraged the dancers to start teaching the janitors so that we can sell the janitors in exchange for some filaments


Oh we are recruiting


Critical just started so New Player outreach

Lets see how this goes!

and we are still open for players!

Still open! Still kicking (For now at least)

Public fleets have been going well but we need more recruits!!! join today! or tomorrow, RL be busy like that sometimes

Was kicked from your discord lol god knows why , not v friendly that is it :pensive:

Had to do something with spamming the public chat with feet pics, DM me if you think this was wrong

stillllllll open

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