Small Gang Corp looking for new members! Theoretical Mass

Theoretical Mass is looking for you, the reader, to join our corporation:

What We Are : A small well nit group of experienced players who enjoy all aspects of EVE, with our favorite aspect being WORMHOLES !! We are down to heart Wormholers and do our fair share of PVP, PVE and Industry. We play in 2 timezones, EU and US!

What We Offer : Access to a C5 and C3 static wormhole. Blue loot tax program, Gas buy back programs, SRP for fleet ops. Weekly fleet Ops.

New to wormholes? Join one of our C3 ratting courses, it will help you get started with wormhole PVE

What We Require : While we accept those that are new to wormholes we aren’t new player friendly, wormholes aren’t the right place for you if you’re sub 20m Skill points. This skill point minimum isn’t an anti new player thing its just we know you won’t enjoy yourself as much.

  • Ability to be a jack of all traits is highly recommend, being a scanner, PVEer, and PVPer is basically required.
  • Access to TII Frigates is required
  • Access to TII Cruisers is recommended.

Already have a small Corp that consists of your friends? Contact one of our diplos about joining our Alliance! Our Alliance is there to allow you to join the group yet maintain some of your independence.


In game contacts:
Lil Red Hoodrat - CEO US
Valentine V - RO US
Halo Phase - RO EU
Grendel Khagah - Diplo US

Get in touch with us on our Discord :

And or stop by our in-game public channel : Critical Effect Public

While we love pvp, we respect others and don’t perform Evictions unless provoked. Theoretical Mass is composed of many Ex ADHC members and as a result we follow the traditional wormhole credo “Say what you do and do what you say”. Fly safe and hope to see you around!

Bump , still hiring

buuuummp, read the rules adding a sentence ,…


Still hiring the Huffers among us. For those that don’t know it’s a great 30 - 90M per hour mining activity that happens in wormhole space!

Bump Still Hiring pirates, enforcers or giggly puff station spinners. If bob allows it, we allow it

Rub a dub dub, we need more scrubs!! jk pilots wanted though, IG channel Critical Effect Public