Theoretical Mass is Recruiting!

EU/US TZ Wormhole Corporation

We are a small corporation living in C4 Class wormhole and we are looking to expand! We are new pilot friendly (No Alphas though), and are always willing to answer questions or provide helpful advice. Our Leadership team has a large amount of experience in Wormholes and our members come from a variety of backgrounds which leads to our principles of adhocracy.

Simply put, we don’t deal with a lot of the bureaucracy and policies. So, good ideas always welcomed.

Primary focuses include:

  • Small-Gang PvP
  • Gas Mining
  • Site Running (in some newer pilot friendly doctrines)
  • Industry

If you have more questions or would like more information about recruitment please contact us via our in game public channel:

Theoretical Mass Public

or send an in-game mail.

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