Small gang is the best gang

Small gang is the best gang

Our main focus is FUN. If that means pvp, abyssals, or even mining; we want you to enjoy playing this game with us! We aren’t here to force you into fleets or force you to have fun our way. Planned Obsolescence. is a small gang corporation currently operating in the USTZ part of the No Visual. Alliance! We are looking for new bros and vets who want to do small gang pvp but also don’t mind making some good isk! No PAPs,just fun good times.

What we offer:
Small gang roams
Null Sec Space to make your ISK and ships
An Active Ship Replacement Program
A multitude of Structures available for use
A friendly and relaxed Discord Gaming Community
Corporate Buy Back Program - so you get the isk you need quickly!

Come talk with us in our Public Channel: PLOBS Public or on our discord!

USTZ/EUTZ - Spotrush1 (Discord Arrogant Dreamer#5980)
USTZ - Nic Marshal (Discord: Reactor17#3211)

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