Small gang PvP corp whose focus involves laid-back but scheduling- and routine-oriented approach

Struggling with irregular playtimes, decided to make a small gang nullsec PvP-oriented corp whose focus involves roams scheduled well in advance. The goal is to make a laid-back routine-oriented environment for casual players who might be busy or have irregular/ weird playtimes.

We’re gonna do/ are doing small gang pvp in T1 frigates and cruisers. The vision is to have 2-3 roams per week, with impromptu roams in between if folks happen to be around. This’ll make for a corp for busy people, routine-oriented people, and/or people with irregular playtimes. We’ll stay small to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule.

We’re getting into the rhythm of having roams just after downtime. This means you’d fit in well already if you’re a morning US player, afternoon EU player, or evening AU player. Looking to add a roam or two per week US TZ, from about 00:00 through a couple of hours into the day Eve time. So far, we’re sticking to routine and are already benefiting from the laid-back but methodological approach to scheduling.

I don’t envision any real requirements for the corp. However, if you’re super new, it’d be nice if you’d be willing to focus on training into a T1 frig with T2 fitting to take on roams. I’ll even buy a few for you :slight_smile:

A little about me, been playing a few years, in and out of all types of corps. Found homes in Rifterlings and Wormbro, primarily. I enjoy wormhole diving and then spending all my isk on pvp. pretty simple guy.

Plenty of room for red on the killboard, if you solo all the time like me. We don’t stress about that. We seek fights and all improve together

Contact Bo Forehand in game or join the channel Bonely Freestylers

0% tax rate :slight_smile:

Recruiting open! Getting lonely roaming by myself

Bumping with an update! We have our first routine roams popping up on the calendar, primarily just after downtime! Aussies get in!!!

Had a fun roam this morning, thorax duo. Bagged a confessor and, after extended engagement and back-and-forth skirmishing in syndicate, were finished off by a stabber fleet.

We take it easy on roams, take fights, and improve together. The corp culture is organically becoming super low-stress as we enjoy the game together.

Definitely come Deal some Delicious Downtime Damage with BOFR-!

Bump! Looking for AUTZ and USTZ!

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