Small group [10] of EU Pilots looking for a Active WH alliance

Active 10 man corporation looking for a New WH alliance / Partnership.
we are an old corporation with lots of experienced pilots and recently left Nullsec.

Most members are 50m SP+ and entirely self sufficient. Looking for a cool group of similar size to fly with + to engage in larger PVP fleet combat.

You guys maybe recruiting a returning player?

Hello there,

are you looking to join a WH alliance in EU or US tz?

yes mate we Could certainly discuss :slight_smile: drop me a mail ingame :slight_smile:

EU Preferably. All 10 active members are EU currently :slight_smile:

I would love to sit and talk; We have a C5/C5 WH.

Hi Khadira,

If you are still looking contact Crafter in game or join our Discord.
The Visage is a small group or PVP only players active late EU TZ.

Why not faction warfare? Much more content and less ■■■■■■■■ to deal with, and easier logistics. NOTE: This is coming from an old alliance executor of a top WH PvP group.

Let me convince you!
Discord: BearThatCares#1337

Hi there Khadira,

I know Pochven is not really wormhole but if you want a good challenge we might be it.

Together we could have the manpower to fight all the multiboxers that are cashing billions on a daily basis doing observatory flashpoints without any threat. We would contest the sites for both great fights, killing a ■■■■ load of and blingy ships or just do the sites ourselves.

As an alliance we are 100% independent and we play to have fun, if you want to know more about us please have a look at our latest recruitment video below

You can also join our discord server and talk to us. All our fleets are public fleets so you can also join when ever you want.

best of luck finding a good spot


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