Small Mining/Indy Corp looking to expand

I am also unable to login right now.

I would, however, like to chat with you to determine if we are a good fit for each other.

Yes I do. Contact me at Jet#3828.

@Jacques_Thomas_Roulain if you have Discord, you can also contact me there, or send me an in game mail when you can log in.

Recruitment is still open.

Removed a few posts that violated this forum section’s rules. Advertising in another’s recruitment thread is not allowed.


Recruitment is still open!

Recruitment is still open.

Hey Kevin I sent you a mail about joining my alliance, we corporation sound extremely similar and I would love it if you met some of my guys. Please reach out.

As stated here:

We are not interested in an alliance.

Recruitment is still open.

Might want to edit the original post to state that you don’t want to join an alliance might help

Recruitment is still open.

Recruitment is still open.

Recruitment is still open.

Recruiting is closed.

Hey there NUguy here Im in the USA. interested in the minning side. Your group sounds interesting. “If you can be patient” yes I hope you will be.


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