Small USTZ PVP corp looking for alliance

The Suicide Express is looking for a new alliance to join that focuses on PVP. We’re all older guys with kids (and grandkids) so a casual atmosphere is a must. We can all pretty much fly anything and are self sufficient for isk. The main thing we’re looking for is small to medium sized fleets and a very minimal blue list. We’re not looking for constant sov fights or mandatory fleets and have no desire to return to worm holes. Once we find a good home that we can stick with, I plan on recruiting again and adding maybe 5 or 6 more active people to the corp. According to Zkill, we’re not completely horrible, I guess :slight_smile:
Hope to hear from some good groups,


Join echo lounge in-game, they live in vale of the silent and do small gang all the time.

I’ll pass your name to alliance diplo:D

If you guys are interested in wormholes, we’d be interested in starting a dialogue with you guys! Tons of FCs and content. Plenty of opportunities in wormhole space without the stale nullsec meta.

Add me on Discord- BearThatCares#1337

Hey there, you might want to check out RAZOR alliance. While you’re not looking for big sov fights that’s a part of any alliance. RAZOR also has lots of daily/weekly opportunities for the PVP you’ve expressed interest in. I’m not officially a recruiter just a member that thought your post sounded like a good fit.

You might want to take a look at Total Eclipse. We don’t have a lot of sov fights (and even less in USTZ), we’re based in Provi so most of our content is small to medium scale, and we’re full NBSI outside of Providence & Domain, with approximately 0 blues outside of those regions, so there’s always content to be had if you want to go roaming, join an NPSI fleet, etc.

Come chat to us and Discord and we’ll see if we can work something out.

Im sure you could contact Hell Dawn if you are interested in HS PVP wars. Its as casual as you want it to be but have OP’s you can paticipate in if you choose…play according to your schedule. My copr I just founded is looking for members if you cannot get into the Alliance directly. We have over 50+ HS wars at a given time.

Trigger Happy.
Most active and fun pvp corp
Active in EUTZ and USTZ
Good isk making
Active fights and daily FUN!!!
Fun and learning environment
Active corp and alliance ops daily
Mail me in-game or dm on discord at Jason K’Night#5456 if you any more questions for me.

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