Total Eclipse Seeks Ambitious Corporations

Total Eclipse Seeks Ambitious Corporations

Who Are We?

Formed by a Katothen, a small capital-heavy PvP corporation, and Lunar Legion, a casual & newbro-friendly all-around nullsec corporation, Total Eclipse is a highly ambitious alliance which was formed in September 2019. In our four months as an alliance, we’ve accomplished quite a lot – we’ve taken control of and secured ADMs in two systems in Providence, grown from ~10 real people to almost 50, lost a system to a badly timed transfer, we’ve amassed a decent amount of structures, we’ve formed an industrial strategy, and we’ve enabled partial SRP.

Total Eclipse is the newest holder alliance in Provi-bloc, one of New Eden’s oldest coalitions. We operate under the NRDS (not red, don’t shoot) rules of engagement in Providence and Domain, and NBSI (not blue, shoot it) everywhere else. If you think that’s a content killer, you couldn’t be more wrong. Unlike most alliances, we have reds within a few jumps of staging at all times, so we don’t have to travel far for a fight, and we’re able to shoot almost everyone outside of Providence/Domain (our allies rarely travel far), so NPSI fleets are a target-rich gold mine for our members.

Let’s talk cultural fit…

We believe cultural fit is essential. We’re not looking to be an alliance which just recruits huge numbers of corps to get asses in ships, we’re looking to bring onboard corps who share our attitude to Eve. We’re not an ‘elite’ group, but we definitely look to fly competently and improve our play, we’re interested in corps with theorycrafters, out-of-the-box thinkers, and with the ambition to build a regional superpower over what could be months and years.

We believe in collaborative & communicative play – whether that’s helping each other with ship fits or ways to make ISK, writing guides on areas we have expertise in, taking fleet roles the FC needs, or helping with anything our alliance mates have going on IRL. It used to be said that no player ever built a titan alone, and whilst the age of Rorquals has rendered the statement obsolete, the ability to work together is essential to accomplish great things.

We believe that the relationship between a Corporation and an Alliance should be symbiotic. Corps should benefit from their membership of the Alliance, and the Alliance should benefit from those Corps being a part of it.

What can Total Eclipse offer you?

  • Regular PvP fleets, multiple times a day and in all timezones, with a deep bench of FCs and plenty of content close to home;
  • Approachable leadership, we log in and play the game, and we’re available most days for anyone in the alliance to get in touch with;
  • Membership of Provi-bloc, one of Eve’s oldest and most stable coalitions, with a unique and interesting way to play the game;
  • Great logistics, we have JFs and caps to move your stuff, and we have four Empire entrances so it’s easy to get things into the region;
  • Sovereignty in Northern Providence, with exclusivity over a few moons and ratting/mining rights in about 80 systems (all the non-red systems);
  • An opportunity to get involved – whether you want to FC, get involved with industry, propose a new doctrine, or something else we haven’t really started on, there are plenty of opportunities to step up in the alliance and in the coalition;
  • A fast-growing SRP programme – we had no SRP 2 months ago, now we offer up to 100m on any hull lost in a strat op, and we intend to keep growing this as the alliance gets wealthier;
  • A great group of people, we’re a social bunch and we want to work with you to help you realize your Corp’s goals and our alliance goals in tandem!

What do we need from your Corp?

  • At least 5 active real people, with the intention to grow – we’re happy to bring in small corps as long as the leadership is active & hungry;
  • Willingness to train into coalition doctrines – this should go without saying, but we need people in the Alliance to be able to fly our ships;
  • Some PvP activity, we’re open to recruiting PvE-focused corps but you’ll need to get the pitchforks out when reds come to town;
  • All members need to get on Alliance & Coalition services, this is where we hang out and where our operations are pinged;
  • Like most nullsec alliances, we take a 5% Alliance tax on ratting income, this is paid weekly by each corp and helps to fund SRP and alliance structures;
  • Full ESI keys for all members and all prospective members, including out of corp alts, alphas, PI farms, etc.

Capitals, supercapitals, and nullsec experience are a PLUS, but not required.

Sounds awesome! How do we join?!

Our killboard is here, and our Discord is here. If you’re interested in bringing your corp in, or if you just want to hang out and play Pokemon on Discord, come talk to us!


Still looking for amazing corps!

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Help make our killboard less ■■■■.

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One of our allies made a cool video, I thought I’d share it.


Epic Dudes !! Join them !!


Back into the top 10 alliances in Providence after a quiet week, we’re active and we’re growing, come be a part of something awesome.

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Tempted by a megablob for the dank moon goo and the capital ratting?
Want good fleet fights but uncomfortable with TiDi and obnoxious travel times?

You don’t have to compromise. In Providence we have fleet fights with (usually) no TiDi within a few jumps of staging, we have our own sov space where your members can rat and mine, and we have r32 and r64 moons and structures.

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We’d like to welcome Akkoro to Total Eclipse as our newest member. Will you be next?

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Still looking for ambitious and active corps to join us!

Still looking for corps who want to do big things!

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